GenGrind SA-I 250S 10″ Single Wheel Semi Automatic Grinder & Polisher – Variable Speed 100-1000rpm – Individual Force Control – Touch Screen Controlled with Automatic Specimen Mover Power Head – (various wheel sizes available)

  • GenGrind SA-I 250S with Individual Force Control
  • GenGrind SA-I 250S 10″ Single Wheel Semi Automatic Grinder & Polisher
Ultimate User-Friendliness
Ultimate User-Friendliness
Leading Dependability and Reliability
Leading Dependability and Reliability
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Stocked Consumables and Spares
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Trusted After Sales Technical Support
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Lifetime Product Support Advantage


Discover the GenGrind SA-I 250S, your ultimate answer to grinding and polishing needs. Equipped with a spacious 10”Ø wheel (254mmØ), it offers automatic two-direction control and stepless variable speed. Its intuitive touch screen, enriched by advanced programming and parameter storage, ensures user-friendly operation.

Experience unmatched efficiency through the powerful individual-pressure head, featuring adjustable speed, clockwise rotation, and pressure. Elevate your sample preparation effortlessly with the GenGrind SA-I 250S.

GenGrind SA-I 250S Features

  • Remarkable cost-effectiveness, offering stable quality and versatile functions, easily customizable to cater to various customer requirements.

  • Crafted from a single piece of aluminum alloy, the machine base guarantees lightweight construction, exceptional shock absorption, and corrosion resistance.

  • Enjoy a single working plate with standard dimensions of 10” diameter (254mm)

  • Efficiently polish 6 samples of 30mm diameter in a single operation (various other sizes available upon request).

  • The sleek ABS shell exudes a sophisticated appearance, adding a touch of elegance to the machine's design.

  • Experience automatic cleaning facilitated by the built-in nozzle with a waste collection tank.

  • Intuitive touch screen display control ensures clear interface and a user friendly simple operation.

  • Set parameters for testing time, rotation speed, and pressure, tailoring the machine to your needs.

  • Opt for the optional electromagnetic clutch for the grinding head, allowing convenient and swift operation.

  • Choose between stepless speed regulation (100-1000r/min) or four constant speed options, with room for defining three common speeds for different stages of preparation.

  • Store up to 100 sets of grinding and polishing programs, enabling quick program recall.

  • Embrace the magnetic disc design for swift disc changes, enhancing efficiency during sandpaper and polishing cloth replacement.

  • Seamlessly handle samples with the free-rotating sample chuck design, complemented by an internal lighting system for easy sample placement.

  • Benefit from the machine's three-phase silent motor and stepping motor combination, ensuring stable rotation, minimal noise, and extended lifespan.

  • Automatic centering feature prevents multi-faceted grinding and polishing, ensuring precise results.

GenGrind SA-I 250S Standard Configuration

  • GenGrind SA-I 250S Single Wheel Semi Automatic Grinder and Polisher with Individual Pneumatic Force Control

  • Grinding Plate 254mm

  • Polishing Cloth with PSA (250mm) (4)

  • Grinding Papers 400# (4)

  • Grinding Papers 800# (4)

  • Grinding Paper 1200# (4)

  • Waterproofing Ring (On Machine)

  • Paper Disc

  • Magnetic Disc

  • Water Inlet Hose 0.75”

  • Water Outlet Hose 32mm

  • Power Line and Operational Manual

GenGrind SA-I 250S Technical Specification


GenGrind SA-I 250S

Disc Diameter

254mm (10") with Magnetic Disc

Speed of Working Plate

100-1000 rpm Stepless Speed

Supports Clockwise and Counter clockwise directions

Four Level Constant Speeds

V1=300rpm, V2=500rpm, V3=800rpm, V4=1000rpm (each speed can be set between 100-1400rpm)

Grinding Head Speed


Sample Holder

Standard is 6pcs @ 30mm Dia. (other sizes available upon request - Φ25mm, Φ30mm, Φ40mm or 1”, 1.25”, 1.5” or custom)

Automatic Mode

Can program speed, running time, grinding wheel direction and timing functions

Sample Pressure Range

0-0.5MPa (Commonly 0.2-0.3MPa)

Pressure Loading Type

Single Point Pneumatic Pressure

Timing Function

0-99 Minutes

Grinding Head Lock Mode

Manual Lock (Automatic Electronic Optional)

Grinding Head Power

0.2kW (Clockwise Rotation)

Working Wheel Power

1.1kW (Clockwise and Counter Clockwise)

Power Supply

110v 50/60Hz 1.8kW

Dimensions & Weight

500 x 770 x 700mm; 80kg / 19.7” x 30.3” x 27.6”; 176lbs

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With the GenPress MFA MOT - Fully Automatic Mounting Presses, users will benefit from a High Quality ABS Shell. Firstly, ABS, which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is renowned for its robustness and durability. This means the shell is designed to withstand regular usage in a laboratory environment, ensuring the longevity of the equipment.

Secondly, its modern design not only enhances the equipment's aesthetics but also complements contemporary laboratory settings. This can make the workspace appear more professional and up-to-date. The sleek design also offers functional advantages. With smooth surfaces and fewer crevices, the ABS shell is easier to clean.

Furthermore, ease of maintenance is another significant benefit. The nature of the shell ensures that users can quickly wipe off any residues or contaminants, keeping the press in optimal condition. This not only aids in maintaining operations efficiency and accuracy but also ensures that the equipment remains hygienic, which is paramount in a laboratory setting. In summary, the High Quality ABS Shell provides a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and ease of maintenance.

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