GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10″ Dual Wheel Fully Automatic Grinder & Polisher – Variable Speed 100-1400rpm – Both Individual and Central Force Control – Touch Screen Controlled with Automatic Specimen Mover Power Head – (various wheel sizes available)

  • GenGrind's FA-IC 10
  • GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10
  • GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10
  • GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10
  • GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10
  • GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10
  • GenGrind FA-IC 250D 10
  • Sample Examples
Ultimate User-Friendliness
Ultimate User-Friendliness
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Leading Dependability and Reliability
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Stocked Consumables and Spares
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Trusted After Sales Technical Support
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Introducing the GenGrind FA-IC 250D Dual Wheel Polisher and Grinder, an advanced and fully automatic metallographic grinding and polishing machine. This state-of-the-art equipment seamlessly integrates pre-grinding, grinding, and polishing processes to deliver exceptional results.

Controlled through a user-friendly touch screen interface, the GenGrind FA-IC features a DC brushless motor driving the grinding and polishing plate, while the grinding head is efficiently powered by a stepper motor. This design ensures stable rotation, low noise levels, and utmost safety and reliability during operation.

The machine allows users to customize various settings such as rotational speed, pressure, and sample preparation time according to their specific requirements. These adjustments are effortlessly made through the intuitive touch screen, enabling users to cater to different needs with ease.

Incorporating its own lighting system, the GenGrind FA-IC provides convenient sample handling and placement. Additionally, its cooling device effectively prevents overheating during grinding, safeguarding the integrity of the metallographic structure. This feature is particularly beneficial in preserving the quality of metallographic samples.

Whether in metallographic laboratories within factories, colleges, or research institutes, the GenGrind FA-IC Single Wheel Polisher and Grinder stands as the ultimate choice for precision grinding and polishing applications. Its cutting-edge capabilities and reliable performance make it the preferred solution for achieving impeccable metallographic results.

GenGrind FA-IC 250D Features

  • Super cost-effective, offering outstanding value for money.

  • Dual working plates with standard dimensions of 254mm, providing 50% more working area compared to regular grinding and polishing machines.

  • Capable of polishing 6 pieces of 30mm diameter samples in a single operation, maximizing productivity.

  • High-end ABS shell, giving it a sophisticated and modern appearance.

  • User-friendly touch screen display for clear and intuitive interface, ensuring simple operation.

  • Adjustable testing time, rotating speed, and pressure to suit specific needs.

  • The grinding head is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch for convenient and quick operation, automatically locking when needed.

  • Offers stepless speed regulation from 100 to 1400rpm or four constant speed options, with the ability to define three common speeds for pre-grinding, grinding, and polishing.

  • Allows storage of up to 100 groups of grinding and polishing programs for quick recall and efficient workflow.

  • Features a magnetic disc design for swift disc changes, enhancing the replacement of sandpaper and polishing cloth.

  • Boasts a sample chuck with free-rotating design, complemented by an internal lighting system, ensuring ease in sample handling.

  • Equipped with a built-in nozzle, sewage collection tank, and automatic cleaning, streamlining maintenance tasks.

  • Utilizes DC brushless and stepper motors for stable rotation, low noise levels, and prolonged machine life.

  • The base is made of a single-piece aluminum alloy material, offering lightweight construction, excellent shock absorption, and corrosion resistance.

7" Touch Screen User Friendly Control Display

GenGrind FA-IC 250D Technical Specification

Model GenGrind FA-IC 250D
Working Plate Standard Ø254mm with magnetic disc; 2.2KW
Speed of working plate

100-1400 r/min stepless speed

Support clockwise / anticlockwise direction rotating
Four level constant speeds (stepless speed) V1=300r/min, V2=500r/min, V3=800r/min, V4=1000r/min (each speed can be set between 100-1400r/min)
Grinding head speed 0-200r/min
Grinding head power 0.2kw (clockwise rotating)
Grinding head lock mode Automatic electronic lock
Sample holder Standard Ø30mm 6 pieces of samples
Automatic mode Can be programmed. Speed, running time and grinding wheel steering switch, with timing function
Samples pressure range

Center load: 0-150N (Commonly used 40-120N)

Single point load: 0-90N

Pressure loading type

Single point pneumatic pressurization + Central pressure

Pressure adjustment

Digital voltage regulation

Timing function

0-99 minutes

Power supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz, 2.8kW


30.31" x 28.74" x 27.56" / 770 x 730 x 700 mm


220 lbs / 100 kg

GenGrind FA-IC 250D Standard Configuration

  • GenGrind FA-IC 250S Single Wheel Fully Automatic Grinder and Polisher with Individual and Central Pneumatic Force Control

  • Grinding Plate 254mm

  • Polishing Cloth with PSA (250mm) (4)

  • Grinding Papers 400# (4)

  • Grinding Papers 800# (4)

  • Grinding Paper 1200# (4)

  • Waterproofing Ring (On Machine)

  • Paper Disc

  • Magnetic Disc

  • Water Inlet Hose 0.75”

  • Water Outlet Hose 32mm

  • Power Line and Operational Manual

gengrind fa-ic 250D specimen

Specimen Sample Examples

Important Note: Sample Specimen Size to be indicated at time of order!

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