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  • Salt Spray Tester - GenSalt
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  • Salt Spray Tester - GenSalt
  • Salt Spray Tester - GenSalt
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Ultimate User-Friendliness
Ultimate User-Friendliness
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Leading Dependability and Reliability
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Stocked Consumables and Spares
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Trusted After Sales Technical Support
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Lifetime Product Support Advantage

GenSalt is designed to test the surface of different materials for resistance to corrosion. The unit is commonly used to test coated materials of a metallic nature in a controlled corrosive environment. The test can be used on rust-proof painting, anodizing, electroplating and rust-proof of grease. The machine imitates expedited corrosion process via salt spraying on a given test sample to identify the corrosion (oxides) resistance. Test results are based on the longevity of time a material can resist visible corrosion on the test sample.

Unique Features

Salt Spray Tester – GenSalt - Unique Features

    • Robust impact resistant 5mm PVC plate capable of withstanding up to 85°C
    • The inner and outer edges are 15mm thick reinforced PVC material to prevent deformation resulting from long-term high temperature exposure
    • Saturated air tank adopts SUS#304 stainless steel high pressure for optimal insulation
    • The sample placing anvil is made of 8mm temperature-resistant ABS plate developed for high weight support.
    • The spray nozzle is made of special glass nozzle, which can adjust the amount of spray and the angle of spray
    • The spray amount is adjustable from 1 to 2 ml/h (ml/80 cm2/h where the standard requires 16 hours on average).
    • Using the Bernotte principle to absorb the brine and then atomize it, the atomization degree is uniform and has no obstruction resulting from crystallization, which ensures the standard of continuous testing.

Salt Spray Tester – GenSalt - Unique Features

    • The section is roughly adjusted to 2Kg/cm2, and the inlet air filter is provided with a drainage function.
    • The second section is a precision adjustment 1Kg/cm2, 1/4 pressure gauge, showing precise and accurate results.
    • Fast heating rate for maximum efficiency.
    • Pure titanium heating tube, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion with long service life
    • The test chamber heating tank adopts liquid expansion safety temperature controller 0-120°C (1 EGO of Italy)
    • LCD digital display time controller, power failure memory function 0.1S - 999hr (Japan OMRON 1)
    • Accumulator 0-99999hr (1 VEMER, Italy)
    • Relay (Japan OMRON 1 group)
    • Rocker with light switch, can work 25,000 times continuously

Salt Spray Tester – GenSalt - Unique Features

  • Safety protection device
    • When the water level is low, the power is automatically turned off and the safety warning light device lights up.
    • When the temperature is over the limit, the heater power is automatically turned off, and the safety warning light device lights up.
    • When the water level of the reagent (salt) is low, the safety warning light device lights up and alarms.
    • Leakage protection function to prevent personal injury and instrument failure caused by line leakage or short circuit
  • Water adding system - Automatic and manual two watering systems are used to automatically or manually replenish the pressure tank and the test room water level to prevent water shortage and ultra-high temperature damage instruments.
  • Defogging system - During the test process and shutdown, the salt spray in the test chamber is removed to prevent the corrosion gas from flowing out of the damage chamber and other precision instruments.


  GenSalt-60 GenSalt-90 GenSalt-120
Laboratory Temperature
35°C±1°C (RT - 60°c)
Temperature of Saturated Air Cylinder 47°C±1°C (RT - 60°c)
Interior Dimensions
60x45x40 cm
90x60x50 cm
120x100x50 cm
Exterior Dimensions
107x60x118 cm


140x90x130 cm


190x110x140 cm
150 lbs / 68 kg
183 lbs / 82 kg
214 lbs / 97 kg
Power 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
220V/50Hz 1ph

Sample Examples: