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Welcome to NextGen Material Testing where we have your material testing solutions. Meeting all international industry standards, NextGen provides solutions to all of your testing requirements in various industries.

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TensileTurn CNC - Round Tensile Sample Preparation

TensileTurn CNC - Round Tensile Sample Preparation

Featuring a convenient size and high accuracy, the TensileTurn CNC can produce the highest accuracy in round tensile specimens. Able to prepare round tensile specimens, sub-size specimens, threaded tensile specimens, button-head tensile bars, fatigue specimens or any other round testing specimens, the TensileTurn CNC is easy to operate for both experienced and inexperienced operators.

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Welcome to the Future of Automatic IRHD Hardness Testers

The Digi Test II IRHD Hardness Tester is now available from NextGen Material Testing. The Automatic Digital Durometer System is well-suited to all plastic and rubber testing needs: it has the ability to test hardness in Shore, IRHD, and VLRH standards, and can measure hardness for any surface, whether flat, convex, concave, or textured.International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD) tests are generally conducted on...

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NextGen material Testing Inc. is very different from other material testing providers.  Our personalized approach, immediate inquiry response times, local service & support and most competitive prices in the market make us the leader in our field. 

We are readily available to provide you with numerous references of our satisfied clients who are willing to vouch for us. 

Additionally, please refer to the following link summarizing a third party research conducted on NextGen’s Hardness Testing systems   

The software requirements for the Macro Vickers Hardness tester are Windows 7 64 bit.

The PC is not included with the purchase of the equipment.  We recommend our clients to purchase the PC locally for the opportunity of getting the best local sale deals.  We also suggest to purchase a brand name PC to achieve the most effective technical support.  

The NG5000 series Macro Hardness testers can be connected to a computer with the included USB/RS-232 cord for ease of data transferring.  The files can be exported in both the Excel Word formats for ease of printing. 

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