The Rockwell Hardness Test and Everything You Need to Know About It

Aug 12, 2019

It is an established notion in the field of manufacturing that a certain object is just as good as the materials it is made of. As such, production specialists need to make sure that every component, material, and material treatment used to build a certain device or machine is going to be strong and durable. This is where the Rockwell Hardness test comes into play since it was specifically designed to measure the...

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The Different Applications of the Universal Tensile Testing Machine

May 29, 2019

Out of all the known methods to directly gauge the strength of materials to be used for a number of applications, tensile testing is perhaps the most direct and easiest to apply. The Universal Tensile Tester is the machine solely designed for this purpose. However, there is more to tensile testing than just pulling things apart to the point of breaking. Through the use of other variants of the testing method, one...

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The Function of the Izod Impact Tester

May 20, 2019

Izod impact strength testing of plastic and other raw materials is important. It can be done via ASTM D256, a standard test method for determining the Izod pendulum impact assistance of plastics. This is to measure the capacity of the plastic material in terms of strength and resistance. The Izod impact test method was named after an English Engineer. His name is Edward Gilbert Izod. How Is Izod Impact Testing...

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How to Perform a Tensile Test

May 14, 2019

Introduction A tensile test is a scientific test process involving the application of tension to a specimen until it fractures. It is an important type of test for determining a material's tensile strength, yield strength and ductility. These standardized tests are often performed on electromechanical tensile tester machines. Specimen and Equipment To begin the preparation, ready a sample for tensile...

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NBS Abrasion Testing – Requirements, Specimens and Process

Apr 29, 2019

NBS Abrasion Testing – Requirements, Specimens and Process Like other consumer products, rubber undergoes tests for quality and durability. The NBS Abrasion test will measure a material's Resistance to Rubber Abrasion. This test method also determines the durability of rubber materials used in footwear. These include rubber used for shoes and heels. The NBS Abrader is good for Footwear Rubber Abrasion or Soles...

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