TensileTurn's Tensile Lathe: The Future of Metallographic Quality Control

Oct 21, 2019

Because of its niche audience, metallographic processes like the tensile test is not very well-known to the public. This is why looking for a reliable tensile sample preparation equipment online can be a handful. Here's everything you need to know about the tensile test and how it can change the future of chemical quality control for the better. A Quick Background on Metallography​ Since the tensile test is...

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The Importance of an Extensometer in Materials Testing

Oct 08, 2019

An extensometer is an accessory to a tensile strength tester and is extensively used in materials testing. This instrument places a sample under stress, which causes it to physically deform. These deformities can be almost invisible to the eye or they can be clearly visible. Extensometry is the practice of measuring these differences. These devices are used in the Tensile Preparation ASTM E8 test along with tensile...

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Understanding the Basics of the Vickers Hardness Test

Sep 23, 2019

The hardness of a material is one of the more compelling factors that determine its suitability for a specific purpose. As such, a hardness test is required to determine the extent of a material’s ability to contribute to an object’s structural integrity. One of these tests is the Vickers procedure and it has been proven to be a rather effective way of gauging a material’s hardness. But before one goes about...

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The Impact Testing Procedure

Sep 10, 2019

Impact testing The process of impact testing is used to study the various characteristics of materials. These include toughness, hardness, ductility and strength. It involves the sudden application of a load to a specimen in order to determine its impact value. The impact value of a material can change based on temperature, size and the amount of plastic deformation it can absorb. This is why it is important to...

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All You Need to Know About Metallography Basics

Aug 20, 2019

What is Metallography? Metallography is the analysis of a material's microstructure. Its main goal is to determine if it was properly processed. It is vital in identifying its reliability and troubleshoot any related problems. Technical Information on Metallographic Consumables As polishing is a mere part of metallography, below are details on each of its phases: Phase 1: Cutting and Mounting Locating the area of...

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