Consumables $ 100.00 OF FREE CONSUMABLES!!!

NextGen is pleased to offer all of our new and existing customers $100.00 credit towards any metallography, hardness testers or other consumables. Request your catalogue today!

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DigiTest II BEST SELLER! Top Quality for the Lowest Price in North America

Automatic Shore/IRHD Hardness

NextGen is proud to present our German line of automatic shore / IRHD hardness testing systems for ease-of-use and exceptional accuracy.

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Telebrineller Hardness Tester BEST SELLER! Top Quality for the Lowest Price in North America

NextGen Telebrineller Brinell Hardness Testing System

Telebrineller - Measuring Brinell Hardness anywhere in the field, the plant or the laboratory. A test bar of known BHN (Brinell Hardness Number), approximating the hardness of the specimen to be tested, is selected. Consistent accuracy is maintained when the test bar BHN is within + or -15% of the specimen BHN and is of the same general material.

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NBS Abrasion Tester 15% Educational Discount for All customer before July 30th, 2019.

NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester - GenNBS

GenNBS is used to test the abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber or other rubber compounds. It is commonly used for the soles and heels of footwear. It has an intelligent power failure recovery system. The unit conducts measurements through volumetric loss of specimens exposed to the action of a normalized abrasive medium secured to a rotations cylinder.

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Ultrasonic Hardness Tester BEST SELLER! 15% OFF Regular Price between April 30th and July 30th, 2019!

Ultrasonic Contact Impedance Hardness Tester - UH200

Welcome to our most advanced and cost-effective Ultrasonic Hardness Testing System. This portable machine is all you need and more!

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GenDin 15% Educational Discount for All customer before July 30th, 2019.

DIN Abrasion Tester

GenDin, is designed to conform to the ASTM D5963 and IS0 4649 standards. This top quality and highly popular abrasion tester will allow you to measure the abrasion resistance of rubbers (vulcanized thermo set rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/frictional wear on their actual service. Since wear is always a result of abrasion, different test methods have been developed for the simulation of long term wear.

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Leeb Rebound Tester BEST SELLER! 15% OFF Regular Price between April 30th and July 30th, 2019!

NG - LeebGen 3000 - Leeb Rebound Portable Hardness Tester

LeebGen3000 is a non-destructive precision metal hardness tester developed according to the latest industry standards. LeebGen 3000 is equipped with features which provide the instrument with a combination of a user-friendly interface and exceptional test result accuracy. This in turn allows for ease of operation and an accurate conversion display of virtually any metal hardness testing value.

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Vickers Hardness Tester – DGEN CCD BEST SELLER! 15% OFF Regular Price between January 15th and March 31st, 2019! FREE NIST Certified Indenters and Test Blocks with Purchase

Micro Vickers and Knoop Hardness Tester- Analogue, Digital and Digital with CCD Optical Analysis Software

NG-1000 Series
NextGen Micro Hardness testers provide solutions for Vickers and Knoop hardness testing with micro loads ranging from 10gf to 1kgf. The NG1000 series is available in Analog, Digital and CCD configurations for Micro Vickers/Knoop testing.

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Oscillating / Automatic Disk Rheometer Lowest Price in the Market Guarantee*

Oscillating / Automatic Disk Rheometer (ODR) - NG-ODR

This machine is designed to get the characteristic curve and characteristic parameters of rubber vulcanization by measuring the applied moment of rubber to the oscillating dye body. NG-ODR rotor-free vulcameter has an excellent stability of results. The data and diagrams can be used as a reference for development, research and production quality.

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Dual Belt Grinder for Metallography Dual Belt Grinder for Metallography

GenGrind Belt BT - Dual Stage Tabletop Belt Grinder for Metallographic Sample Preparation

The GenGrindBelt BT series is a dual stage, wet or dry table top belt grinder offering the most economical solution for manual grinding applications. The GenGrind BT - Dual Stage Belt Grinder for Metallographic Sample Preparation is designed for high material removal of various sample shapes and configurations. The BT - Belt Grinder system is a table top belt grinder suitable for laboratories designed for high material removal.

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Mounting Vaccuum Impregnation System BEST SELLER! 20% OFF Regular Price between April 30th and July 30th, 2019! FREE CONSUMABLES PACK*

GenVac MP Series - Epoxy Mounting Vacuum Impregnation System for Metallographic Sample Preparation

GenVac MP2 - Vacuum Impregnator is designed for precision sample impregnation for porous materials. Common applications for vacuum impregnation systems include rocks and minerals, ceramics, electronic circuit boards and other composite materials.

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Round Tensile Sample Preparation FREE 2 Year Extended Warranty

TensileTurn CNC - Round Tensile Sample Preparation

Featuring a convenient size and high accuracy, the TensileTurn CNC can produce the highest accuracy in round tensile specimens. Able to prepare round tensile specimens, sub-size specimens, threaded tensile specimens, button-head tensile bars, fatigue specimens or any other round testing specimens, the TensileTurn CNC is easy to operate for both experienced and inexperienced operators.

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Precision Metallographic Cutting Equipment Lowest Price in the Market Guarantee*

Precision Metallographic Cutting Equipment

NextGen offers a full scope of manual and automatic precision metallographic cutting machines

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Grinding and Polishing Equipment Lowest Price in the Market Guarantee*

Grinding and Polishing Equipment

NextGen specializes in an extensive range of metallographic polishers and grinders for all possible user applications.

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BrinGen - 3000 Series 15% Educational Discount for All customer before July 30th, 2019.

BrinGen -3000 Series - Digital Brinell and Automatic Brinell Hardness Tester - Closed Loop System

BringGen 3000 is a digital and automatic Brinell testing system equipped with closed loop technology. The forces range from 62.5kgf to 3000kgf and are electronically controlled according to ASTM E10 for precise and repeatable measurements.

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Rockwell Hardness Tester 15% Educational Discount for All customer before July 30th, 2019.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Rockwell Hardness Testing is an indentation hardness that measures the depth of penetration after undergoing a preload followed by a major load. Rockwell testing is generally used for quality control of steels and other alloys (including some plastics).

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Universal Testing Machines Lowest Price in the Market Guarantee*

Universal Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines can be configured for static testing of multiple properties such as tensile, compression, flexure, tearing, peeling, bending and shearing tests. Check out our range of Force Stands, Electromechanical and Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines.

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Pendulum Impact Testers Lowest Price in the Market Guarantee*

Pendulum Impact Testers

Pendulum Charpy/Izod Impact Testing is a high strain-rate test to determine the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture.

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