TensileMill CNC XL - Flat Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

TensileMill CNC XL - Flat Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

TensileMill CNC XL - Flat Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment


Every manufacturing floor would benefit from the dynamic and powerful addition offered by TensileMill CNC XL - Large Flat Tensile Sample Preparation machine. Removal rates for materials are increased by servos and the high powered spindle. CNC control based on Mach4 when combined with substantial memory simplifies the loading and execution of large and complex programs. Machine programming for smaller jobs is made fast and easy by wizards as they facilitate the fast creation of pockets, text engraving, hole patterns etc.

The TensileMill CNC XL - Large Flat Specimen Preparation design is the enhanced model of our classic TensileMill CNC. The upgraded design presents larger table dimensions, tooling options, travel distance and servo power to support your needs of tougher material, and higher quantity tensile sample preparation.


Our touch screen controller which is easy to manipulate carries our complete Carbon software. The features of our control systems; 64 Gb of storage, WiFi, Ethernet, 4 Gb of RAM, USB ports, 254 tool offsets, macro B programming, 126 work offsets, scaling and mirroring, drilling canned cycles, helical interpolation, cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation, advanced trajectory planning etc. In addition to the software interface for tensile milling, the operator is allowed by Carbon to get access to the Industrial CNC Software (MACH4), which is used to control professional CNC functions. New features are being developed constantly for our Carbon software and at no extra cost, updates are included into every TensileMill CNC XL system.

Technical Specifications

TensileMill CNC XL
Dimensions (D x W x H) 66.1 x 75.79 x 86.54 in
Table Size 31.5 x 10.24 in
Load Capacity 330 lb
T-Slot Size .63 in
Weight 2976 lb
Working Travel X 15.75 in
Y 9.1 in
Z 15.75 in
Speed 10,000 RPM
Power 5 hp
Torque 10.8 lb-ft
Lubrication High speed grease
Bearings Angular contact ball
Auto Tool Changer
Taper BT30
Pull Stud MAS P30T-1
Max Tool Diameter 3.14 in
Max Tool Weight 13.2 lb
Tool Change Type Umbrella
Tool Numbering Random pot assignments
Tool Change Time 6sec
Servo Power 1.75 hp
Servo Torque 1175.4/3299.6 oz-in
Max Feedrate 1000 ipm
Ball Screws PMI double nut, 20 mm on X and Y, 25 mm on Z
Input Voltage 220 3 phase
Type PC based Mach4 control
Processor 64 bit 5th generation Intel Broadwell
Program storage 64 GB SSD, unlimited number of programs
Memory 4 GB standard (upgradable)
Display Full color multi-touch (glove compatible)
Modes Auto/MDI/Jog, auto switching
Wizards On machine programming with graphic wizards.
Units Inch/Metric
Overrides Feed (0%-150%), Spindle(50%-150%), Rapid(0%, 25%, 50%, 100%), all user configurable
G code Fanuc compatible, Mach3 compatible
Custom Macro Fanuc Macro B compatible
External Communication TCP Modbus
M-Codes Unlimited user defined M codes, 5 inputs and 5 outputs available (upgradeable)


  1. The linear guide ways and strong cast iron frame offers a strong foundation for machines with high speed.
  2. Large 20 mm ball screws on X and Y, 25 mm on Z.
  3. The higher material removal rate is powered by a belt driven 5 horsepower 10,000 RPM servo spindle with BT30 taper.
  4. Servo spindle with complete synchronous position control. Disc spring tool clamping with gripper having collet shaped gripper. It also features air over hydraulic tool release.
  5. It also has 10 automatic tool changer with shapes like station umbrellas. It makes it possible to assign any tool to any desired position.
  6. Clean and simple control panel with large format touch screen, MPG and integrated status light.
  7. Mach4 control software is flexible and powerful. Integrated wizards for on machine programming.
  8. Wireless and Bluetooth standard
  9. Fanuc G code compatible, Fanuc Macro B included
  10. 5th generation 64 bit Broadwell processor
  11. Industrial PC loaded with a 64 GB solid state hard drive and 4 GB of RAM.
  12. 30 Taper CNC Machining Center