Universal Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines

NextGen Material Testing provides you with a complete range of Universal Testing Machines, also known as a tensile tester. A universal testing machine is used to test different materials for tensile stress, compression strength, bending and other mechanical properties of a wide range of materials. Our systems can come equipped with a wide range of fixtures to meet all your testing needs. We supply grips and fixtures according to almost every ASTM and international standard in the industry.

Based on your application and capacity requirements, you can select between a force stand, an electromechanical testing machine or a servo hydraulic universal tester for your high capacity testing needs. These machines each have their own advantages which are target towards different applications. Feel free to click on one of the testers below for more information.


Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines

The NextGen testing frames incorporate precision electromechanical load frame equipment to meet all of your testing needs. Built according to industry standards, the NextGen EML line features or latest TestPilot software which comes pre-programmed with some of the latest testing methods.

Servo-Hydraulic - Static - Universal Testing Machines

Servo-Hydraulic - Static - Universal Testing Machines

The NextGen testing frames provide a solution for high-capacity applications for a wide range of high-strength materials to meet all of your testing needs. Built according to industry standards, the NextGen SHM line features or latest TestPilot software which comes pre-programmed with some of the latest testing methods.


An additional, typically smaller, load cells are purchased for tensile testing machines with higher maximum force capacity in order to achieve high test accuracy for lower testing force needs.

For example, a 50KN load cell measurement range is 100N-50KN, with the accuracy of 1%. If the measuring accuracy of 1% is required for 100N load or lower, a sub cell option would be suggested. In this case we would advise to purchase a 5kN load cell. This load cell can be mounted under master load cell like mounting grips. It can be done by switching the transducer cable. The 5kN load cell can measure 10N-5kN with 1% accuracy.

Should you have a 10N testing need, you would require the above mentioned 5kN load cell in order to guarantee the accuracy. Our force resolution is 1/500000 for all the range. This means for 10N, the resolution is 0.00002N, for 10kN is 0.02N, for 50kN is 0.1N.

Should you require any additional recommendations, please do not hesitate to reach out.

NextGen offers both Electromechanical and Servo-Hydraulic systems have various classifications. Depending on the tensile testing machine?s class the unit can either be a bench top or floor standing model. The higher the class, the more complex are the testing capabilities.

For example, most all Electromechanical tensile testing systems are plug-n-play units This means that a customer can order the unit and install it themselves upon delivery with the help of our training and installation video and the operational manual. On the other hand, the Servo-hydraulic tensile testing systems and dynamic tensile testing options are more complex solutions that require formal training and installation.

If training is required, there are a number of options for the cusomter:

Option 1:
Training and Installation Video - the customer may request a training and installation video to follow in order to set up the tensile tester.

Option 2:
Remote Session - customer may request a remote session which will be offered at no additional fee.

Option 3:
Physical training and installation - this is always an option and can be quoted upon request. The prices for training and installation range depending on the number of training days and customer?s location.

As long as you are purchasing a tensile testing system that is compatible with the high temperature furnace upgrade, you will be able to acquire the furnace at a later date. Our engineering team will be able to help offer physical or remote support to help you with the process.
NextGen offers a variety of standard and specialty tensile grips and fixtures that can withstand temperatures up to 1050 degrees Celsius. Provided your materials can withstand the assigned temperature, you can rest assured that the grips will provide you with accurate readings every time.