TensileTurn CNC – Round Tensile Sample Preparation

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  • TensileTurn CNC - Round Tensile Sample Preparation

Robust Round Tensile Sample Preparation Machine


The TensileTurn CNC - Industrial Upgrade Model Round Specimen Preparation is a conveniently sized automatic CNC lathe designed to prepare accurate round tensile specimens to achieve the highest accuracy in tensile results. The TensileTurn CNC features our award winning touch screen tensile milling interface to allow any operator, with or without machining experience, to quickly prepare tensile specimens as per your desired size. By simply selecting a common tensile size from our library of common standards (ASTM, ISO, DIN, etc) or by entering your own dimensions on the touch screen numerical keypad, TensileTurn CNC is ready to machine specimens up to 5" in diameter (up to 1" by 1" squares) and up to 8" in length after only a few simple steps.

Specimen Preparation CNC Machine

TensileTurn CNC - Round Specimen Preparation CNC machine also features our complete Carbon software which allows the more experience operators to program the TensileTurn CNC for universal applications for cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing or turning.

TensileTurn CNC can prepare standard round tensile specimens, sub-size specimens, threaded tensile specimens, button-head tensile bars, fatigue specimens and other round testing specimens. The operator is only required to simply load the machine with either round, square or irregular stock.

TensileTurn CNC - Round Specimen Preparation CNC machine allows your laboratory personnel to bypass any wait times with your machining center and prepare their own tensile specimens ready for testing in a matter of minutes. The production of high quality tensile specimens combined with ease of use is what sets the TensileTurn CNC apart. It enables the rapid milling of precisely measured round and button head specimens for superior tensile testing results.

TensileSoft™ showing ASTM E8 for Round Tensile Sample Preparation Drawing
ASTM E8 Round Specimens on TensileSoft™


Our easy to use touch screen controller is equipped with our complete Carbon software. Our control systems include 64 Gb of storage, 4 Gb of RAM, WiFi, Ethernet, USB ports, macro B programming, 254 tool offsets, 126 work offsets, helical interpolation, drilling canned cycles, scaling and mirroring, advanced trajectory planning, cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation, and more. Along with the tensile milling software interface, Carbon also allows the operator to access the MACH4 Industrial CNC Software used for professional CNC Control functions. Our Carbon software is constantly having new features developed, and every TensileMill CNC system includes updates at no additional cost.


  1. Granite frame and balls crews – robust and shock absorbent frame offering a stable foundation for industrial grade high speed machining
  2. Stainless steel enclosure
  3. 4500 RPM 3.5 HP (2.6kW) Motor
  4. 8 position turret, 1/2" shank OD tools
  5. 4 Boring tool holders, 3/4" shank
  6. Servos: Yaskawa 400W AC Servo
  7. Center drilling automation
  8. Double the X and Y travel speeds

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Swing Over Bed Ø8" Ø203mm
Center Width 9" 228mm
Spindle Bore Ø1" Ø26mm
Spindle Speed Range (rpm) 0"-177" 0-4500 mm
Lathe Chuck Ø4" Ø101mm
Tool Changer Type Electric
Number of Tool Position 8 with ½" shank external tools
Tool Holder 4 Boring Tool Holders, ¾" Shank
Max Section of Tool 0.47" x 0.47" 12x12mm
X Travel 7.09" 180mm
Z Travel 8.85" 225mm
X Axis Speed 500in/min 12,700 mm/min
Z Axis Speed 500in/min 12,700 mm/min
Position Accuracy X:±0.05mm,Z:±0.03mm
Repeat Position Accuracy X:±0.02mm,Z:±0.02mm
Tailstock Taper MT2
Tank Capacity 10Gal / 38L
Total Connection 4.4KW
Servo Motor Yaskawa 400W AC
Main Motor Power 2.6KW / 3.5HP
Main Motor (rpm) 4500
Coolant Pump Power 1/8 HP
Power Requirements 220V VAC 20A
Pneumatic (Air) Requirement Compressed Air Connection 90PSI
Consumption: 87L / min (3cfm)
Weight 810 lbs. 368.2 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 43.8" x 26.7" x 39" 1112 x 678 x 991 mm
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