Top Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment in 2024

Top Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment in 2024

In the process of sample preparation for material testing, the use of advanced equipment is extremely important. In today’s technological era, even those without extensive knowledge of material testing can achieve precise results just with the push of a button.

Metallography sample preparation is no different. With modern equipment, anyone can produce high-quality samples for material testing, which can have a significant impact on their products.

If you are searching for advanced metallography sample preparation equipment, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will introduce you to our extensive range of different systems from abrasive cutting machines to grinding and polishing machines that are designed to meet all your material testing needs.

Reliable Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment is a Must

Metallography Sample Preparation EquipmentHaving reliable equipment is a necessary requirement for metallography sample preparation because it directly impacts the accuracy and quality of the analysis. Modern, advanced equipment allows for high accuracy and consistency, which is an essential element for evaluating materials’ microstructure. This analysis is fundamental to understanding material properties, detecting flaws, and guaranteeing product reliability.

Old and non-modern systems often lack contemporary equipment’s precision and features, leading to potential errors and inconsistent results. For example, outdated cutting machines might produce excessive heat or mechanical stress during sectioning. This can alter the sample’s microstructure and produce misleading results.

Poorly prepared samples might lead to incorrect conclusions about material properties, which can compromise the integrity and safety of the final product. For instance, in the aerospace industry, an inaccurate metallographic analysis due to poor sample preparation could result in undetected material flaws. There is a possibility that critical components could fail as a result of this.

Having fully grasped the importance of reliable metallography sample preparation equipment, we at NextGen Material Testing would like to present you with a large range of products that we offer to you.

Abrasive Metallographic Cutting Equipment

The first category that will be discussed is abrasive metallographic cutting equipment. Our GenCut Series – Abrasive Metallographic Cutting Systems offers a wide selection of cutters suited to different cutting requirements.

These machines are equipped with high-precision cutting capabilities and a user-friendly interface, making them suitable for handling specimens of different shapes and sizes, including flat, tubular, and irregular specimens. The abrasive cutting saws feature a recirculating coolant system to prevent overheating, protecting the sample during cutting.

GenCut GL170XY – Multi-Function Abrasive Cut-Off Saw – Φ170mm

GenCut GL 170XYThe GenCut GL170XY is a multi-function abrasive cut-off saw designed for precision and flexibility in metallographic sample preparation. With a maximum cutting capacity of 170mm diameter, it features a fully automated XY table, allowing precise control and efficient cutting processes. The double hood fully enclosed structure ensures safe operation, while quick clamping mechanisms enhance cutting efficiency.

Equipped with a powerful cooling system featuring two coolant lines, the GenCut GL170XY effectively prevents overheating, maintaining the integrity of the specimen by avoiding deformities and burning residue. This system also prolongs the cutting wheel’s life, maximizing blade productivity and resulting in superior cutting quality.

Key specifications of the GenCut GL170XY include a 450mm cutting wheel, a 600 x 800 mm cutting table, and a Z-axis cutting blade spindle drop distance of 290 mm. The Y-axis movement stroke is 750 mm, and the X-axis travel is 150 mm, with a cutting feed speed adjustable from 1 to 200 mm/min. The machine operates on a 480V 60Hz 3-phase power supply and is controlled via a 7” color touchscreen panel with a PLC controller. It supports various cutting modes, including flat push cutting and intermittent cutting, all backed by an automatic water cooling system with a 150L capacity tank.

The GenCut GL170XY offers intelligent cutting capabilities, adjusting feed rates based on material hardness and using frequency conversion to control cutting speed. This provides precise, reliable cuts in a broad range of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heat-treated parts, ceramics, and more. You can request a direct quote by clicking here.

Among the standard features are smooth switching between the electronic handwheel and automatic control, an intuitive user interface that displays cutting data, and precise positioning capabilities. There is also a mechanical and electrical separation design for easy cleaning, a security cover with a large observation window, integrated LED lights for illumination, and an indoor ventilation fan to remove steam and smoke.

GenCut GL120XY – Multi-Function Abrasive Cut-Off Saw – Φ120mm

GenCut GL 120XYThe GenCut GL120XY is another advanced multi-function abrasive cut-off saw, designed for high performance in metallographic sample preparation. This model has a maximum cutting capacity of 120mm diameter and features a fully automated XY table, providing precise control and ease of operation. Like the previously discussed GenCut GL170XY, this model also includes a double hood and a fully enclosed structure for greater safety.

The GenCut GL120XY is equipped with a powerful cooling system featuring two coolant lines, which prevent the specimen from overheating during cutting. This cooling system guarantees that the specimen remains intact, and free from deformities or burning residues.

Key specifications of the GenCut GL120XY include a 350mm cutting wheel, a 400 x 300 mm cutting table, and a Z-axis cutting blade spindle drop distance of 150 mm. The Y-axis movement stroke is 300 mm, with an adjustable table speed ranging from 0 to 300 mm/min. The X-axis travel is 100 mm, and the effective tool feed distance is 300 mm. The variable speed ranges from 500 to 3000rpm, allowing flexibility based on the material being cut. The machine operates on a 380V 50/60Hz 3-phase power supply and is controlled via a 7” color touchscreen panel with a PLC controller. Cutting modes include flat push cutting and intermittent cutting, with cutting speeds adjustable from 1 to 100mm/min. The cooling system is automatic, using two water lines, similar to the GenCut GL170XY. Request your quotation today!

This model, like its larger counterpart, is designed for many types of applications, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramics, semiconductors, and more. Moreover, precise positioning capabilities, intelligent cutting speed adjustments, and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for laboratory sample preparation.

Grinding and Polishing Systems – Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment

The second category is grinding and polishing systems. We specialize in an extensive range of metallographic polishers and grinders. The GenGrind Series provides numerous options, including single or double-wheel configurations, various wheel sizes, fixed or variable speeds, and the ability to hold single or multiple samples. On top of that, it is possible for operators to choose between manual and automated options, basic and advanced grinding heads, as well as a wide range of surface finishes.

NextGen’s GenGrind Series guarantees that all possible needs are met, whether for basic grinding or advanced polishing tasks. Having this type of flexibility is crucial in achieving an accurate metallographic analysis and in preparing samples for the desired surface finish. We offer a broad selection of products, but we would like to introduce you to a few of our most popular models.

GenGrind N Series – Advanced Metallographic Grinder & Polisher

GenGrind N Series – Advanced Metallographic Grinder & PolisherIntroducing the GenGrind N Series metallographic grinders and polishers, available in 8″, 10″, and 12″ diameters, with options for single and dual wheels. These machines offer a user-friendly 7” touchscreen with an intuitive menu, making them easy to operate. The GenGrind N Series is designed for multi-tasking, handling coarse grinding, fine grinding, and both coarse and fine polishing in one unit.

The machines feature stepless speeds ranging from 50 to 1000rpm, and an 8-constant speed design for straightforward settings. They also support both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, adapting to various needs. The manual magnetic anti-sticking disc replacement option allows diverse grinding and polishing processes.

Standard configurations include the grinder and polisher, pressure ring, assorted abrasive papers, and polishing cloths, water inlet and outlet hoses, and an operational manual. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel 304 faucet and high-end ABS shell guarantee durability and sleek design. Request a personalized quotation here.

Key technical specifications of the GenGrind N Series include:

  • Disc Diameter: Standard Ø203mm / 8-inch (option: Ø250mm, Ø230mm)

  • Speed: Stepless: 50-1000r/min; Constant speed: 300-1000r/min

  • Rotation: clockwise or counterclockwise

  • Display: 7″ Touch Screen

  • Motor Power: 0.55kW

  • Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz

  • Dimensions & Weight: 33.85″ x 31.90″ x 18.50″; 100 lbs / 860 x 810 x 470mm; 45kg

GenGrind SA-I 250S – Single-Wheel Semi-Automatic Grinder & Polisher

GenGrind FA-IC Dual Wheel Fully Automatic – Rolls RoyceThe GenGrind SA-I 250S is an advanced single-wheel semi-automatic grinder and polisher designed to meet high standards in metallographic sample preparation. This machine has a large 10” wheel (254mm diameter) and provides automatic two-direction control and stepless variable speed. Moreover, the user-friendly touchscreen, with advanced programming capabilities and parameter storage, simplifies operation, making the GenGrind SA-I 250S an excellent choice for precision grinding and polishing.

The GenGrind SA-I 250S is equipped with a powerful individual-pressure head. This allows for adjustable speed, clockwise rotation, and pressure settings. The machine base is crafted from a single piece of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight while offering excellent shock absorption and corrosion resistance. This model is designed to polish up to six samples of 30mm diameter in a single operation, with other sizes available upon request, demonstrating its versatility.

The intuitive touchscreen interface facilitates user experience by allowing easy setting of parameters such as testing time, rotation speed, and pressure. Additionally, the machine offers an optional electromagnetic clutch for the grinding head, providing convenient and swift operation. The GenGrind SA-I 250S supports both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, adaptable to different grinding and polishing needs.

One of the most notable features of the GenGrind SA-I 250S is its magnetic disc design, which allows for quick and easy disc changes. The machine also includes an automatic cleaning system with a built-in nozzle and waste collection tank. Request your personal quote here!

GenGrind FA-IC – Dual-Wheel Grinding & Polishing Machine

GenGrind FA-ICGenGrind's FA-IC 10" Dual Wheel Fully Automatic Grinder & Polisher is another state-of-the-art grinding and polishing machine on our list. This advanced model is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, offering precise and automated grinding and polishing capabilities. Like the previous models, the GenGrind FA-IC features a robust and attractive ABS shell, providing excellent corrosion resistance.

The GenGrind FA-IC is characterized by its dual-wheel design. This design allows for independent grinding and polishing processes without the need to constantly switch between abrasive papers and polishing cloths. The feature increases workflow efficiency and reduces downtime. Moreover, the machine also supports both individual and central pressure methods.

Equipped with a high-definition LCD touchscreen, the GenGrind FA-IC offers an intuitive interface for setting parameters such as time, speed, and water control. This eliminates manual adjustments and allows for precise control over grinding and polishing processes. The self-adaptive design of the grinding disc guarantees an ideal fit with the sample, addressing multi-faceted issues and guaranteeing consistent surface finishes.

One of the key innovations in the GenGrind FA-IC is its automatic locking function for the grinding head. Magnetic disc design enables quick and easy disc replacement. The Teflon-coated surface prevents residue build-up, maintaining the efficiency of abrasive papers and polishing cloths. The DC brushless motor provides long service life, reduced noise, and powerful performance.

In terms of capacity, the GenGrind FA-IC can handle six samples of 30mm diameter simultaneously, with other sizes available upon request. A memory facility on the machine allows operators to store up to ten different grinding and polishing procedures, which can be quickly recalled for a range of sample types. Request a personal quote by clicking here!

Mounting Press Systems – Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment

The third category on our list consists of mounting press systems for metallography. GenPress Series – Mounting Press Systems are designed to simplify the task of handling difficult specimen shapes and sizes during sample preparation. These systems is to protect the edges and any defects on the surface of the samples. The mounting presses provide the necessary stability for grinding and polishing procedures by using a thermoplastic medium.

A GenPress Series ensures that samples are securely held, maintaining their integrity and preventing damage. All consumables necessary for long-term and consistent operation are included with these mounting presses. Thanks to its adaptability, the equipment can accommodate specimens of different sizes and shapes, making it suitable for an array of metallographic procedures.

We will now look at some of our top models in this category to give you a better idea of what we have to offer.

GenPress MFA Dual HYD – Automatic Dual-Hydraulic Mounting Press

GenPress MFA Dual HYD Fully Automatic Dual Hydraulic Mounting PressDesigned for the preparation of metallographic samples, the GenPress MFA Dual HYD is a cutting-edge, fully automatic dual hydraulic mounting press. This advanced system features a 7” touchscreen controller, enabling operators to effortlessly adjust and save parameters for heating, cooling, and timing. Capable of storing up to 100 user-defined programs, the GenPress MFA Dual HYD provides consistent and repeatable results.

The integrated motorized system of the GenPress MFA Dual HYD applies the necessary compression to form high-quality samples, while its compact design allows it to fit easily into any laboratory or production environment. This press supports a wide range of sample sizes, including 1”, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75”, and 2″, and metric sizes such as 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. The use of optional sample spacers further enhances its versatility, enabling the preparation of one to two mounted samples per cycle. This makes the GenPress MFA Dual HYD a cost-effective solution for diverse metallographic applications.

An important feature of the GenPress MFA Dual HYD is its fully automatic process. This frees the operator to perform other tasks while the machine completes its cycle. An integrated alarm system alerts the user when the cycle is finished, improving workflow efficiency. The closed-loop system guarantees precise and silent operation, while the integrated cooling system reduces sample preparation times.

The machine’s touchscreen interface is user-friendly, making it simple to set and adjust parameters. The press can be operated manually or automatically, depending on user requirements, offering flexibility and ease of use. Furthermore, the GenPress MFA Dual HYD produces up to four samples in a single cycle, thereby increasing its productivity and utility in a busy laboratory. Request a personal quote here.

GenVac MP Series – Epoxy Mounting Vacuum Impregnation Machine

GenVac MP Series - Epoxy Mounting Vacuum Impregnation System for Metallographic Sample PreparationThe GenVac MP Series – Epoxy Mounting Vacuum Impregnation System is an ideal system for precision impregnation of porous materials. Thus, it is suitable for rocks, minerals, ceramics, electronic circuit boards, and composite materials. As part of this series, the GenVac MP2 has a separate vacuum pump and a user-friendly interface.

One of the standout features of the GenVac MP2 is its large 16cm diameter transparent lid, which provides a clear viewing area during sample impregnation. This transparent lid can be completely removed, exposing the vacuum chamber bed allowing for easy positioning and handling of samples. The consumable inlet tube, integrated into the chamber lid, facilitates easy mounting cup filling.

Operating the GenVac MP2 is straightforward, with a few controls located on the front of the unit. This system provides a comprehensive solution for impregnating sensitive porous materials. The vacuum impregnation system includes a disposable sample cup holder and includes all necessary components for high-quality sample impregnation.

Spare parts and consumables for the GenVac MP Series are readily available from NextGen Material Testing, and the use of non-proprietary parts means that additional parts can be sourced from local suppliers. The MP series is a plug-and-play machine that does not require formal training or installation. Instructional videos and manuals are provided for easy setup and operation.

In terms of technical specifications, the GenVac MP2 operates with a motor power of 180W and features a vacuum chamber size of 16 x 16 cm. The machine’s dimensions are 19″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″ (48 x 40 x 40 cm), and it weighs 75lbs. (34kg). The vacuum pump dimensions are 14 x 20 x 20 cm, and it operates at a vacuum pressure of 10.7Kpa (10700Pa). The power supply requirement is 110V/60Hz/1Ph. Click here for a personal quotation.

Precision Metallographic Cutting Equipment

Our last category in this blog is about precision metallographic cutting equipment. These machines perform highly accurate cuts on all types of specimen shapes and sizes, including flat, tubular, and irregular specimens.

The GenCut Series offers advanced cutters with high cutting accuracy and user-friendly interfaces. They are ideal for preparing specimens for hot and cold microscopy mounting processes. These precision-cutting saws provide clean and precise cuts, preserving specimen integrity for detailed analysis. Standard and custom vices, spare parts, and a full range of consumables are readily available to support optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.

GenCut GL100M – Precision Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine

GenCut GL100M – Precision Manual Metallographic Sample Cutting MachineGenCut’s GL100M Cutting Machine is ideally suited for precision metal sample cutting and offers both safety and ease of operation. With a securely closed structure and spacious observation window, it prioritizes operators safety while providing clear visibility during cutting. Its swift clamping mechanism guarantees effortless sample securing.

Durability is a key aspect of the GenCut GL100M. Critical components such as the jaw and work surface are crafted from stainless materials. The machine operates at a speed of 2800rpm with a cutting wheel size of Φ350×2.0×Φ32mm, capable of handling a maximum cutting section of Φ100mm. The Y-axis cutting range is 100mm, controlled via a handwheel, allowing for greater control over the movement of samples compared to traditional manual machines.

A dedicated cooling water tank facilitates efficient liquid circulation, assuring that samples remain intact during cutting. The cutting room is equipped with low-voltage DC LED lighting.

The standard configuration includes the necessary accessories such as a coolant tank, coolant pump, wrenches, water inlet tube, drain pipe, cutting wheel, fast clamps, and an operation manual. Users are provided with all the necessary tools to begin cutting immediately following this setup. Request a personal quotation here.

GenCut GL350 – Precision Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine

GenCut GL350Our last product on the list is the GenCut GL350, a high-precision cutting machine. This machine is capable of both automatic and manual operation. A number of key components are included: the body, the electric control box, the cutting room, the motor, the cooling system, and the cutting wheel.

The GenCut GL350 excels at cutting circular work pieces with a diameter of less than 100mm and rectangular samples with a height of 100mm and a depth of less than 200mm. To ensure sample safety and prevent tissue burning, the machine utilizes a robust cooling system. The cutting speed can be customized between 1-40mm/min.

The GL350 features a closed structure design with a large observation window, prioritizing safety and operators convenience. The quick clamping mechanism allows swift and effortless sample fixation. Key components like the jaw and work surface are constructed from durable stainless materials for long service life. Further, the emergency stop button ensures secure operation, providing users with peace of mind during their cutting activities.

The GenCut GL350 operates at spindle speeds ranging from 300 to 3000rpm, with a maximum cutting section diameter of 100mm. The machine’s automatic cutting stroke is 125mm, and the table can move up to 275mm. With a motor power of 3.3kW and low-voltage DC LED lighting in the cutting room, the GenCut GL350 provides a powerful yet safe cutting environment. The machine’s dimensions are 33″ x 33.5″ x 63.75″, and it weighs 396 lbs. Request a personal quote by clicking here.

Discover the Best Metallography Sample Preparation Equipment

Throughout this blog, we have discussed a range of top-tier metallography sample preparation equipment from precision abrasive cutting machines. From the GenCut GL170XY, which handles large cutting capacities with automated control, to advanced grinders and polishers such as the GenGrind N Series. We also cover mounting press systems like the GenPress MFA Dual HYD, which provides automated solutions for sample mounting with customizable parameters, and the GenVac MP Series for precision impregnation of porous materials.

Nevertheless, our range of metallography sample preparation equipment extends beyond what has been covered in this blog. You can explore more products and specifications on the respective category pages.

Moreover, we also offer:

It is our goal to assist you in selecting the most reliable equipment for your requirements. To find out more about our comprehensive range of metallography sample preparation solutions, please contact us directly or request a quote online.