Rock Specimen Grinding Machine

Rock Specimen Grinding Machine
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Used to grind and polish rock and concrete specimens, natural stones, ceramic materials, etc.  Proposed in two versions:

  • Standard version in which the radial displacement of the grinding head is motor operated and actuated by a push button.
  • Automatic version in which the radial displacement is fully automatic and controlled by travel limit switches.

All the other specifications are the same.

The cube and cylinder specimens can be easily locked on the table and the grinding head, 330 mm dia., can be radially moved either manually or automatically in both directions. This means that the only manual operation required is the lowering of the grinding head by the top hand wheel. The machine is supplied complete with safety chip guard that, when removed, automatically stops the machine. The standard configuration also includes the coolant tank, motor pump and one set of abrasive sectors. Diamond grinding sectors are available on request (see accessories). The machine is supplied complete with clamping element for 100, 150 and 200 mm cubes. Clamping devices for cylinders and the device for dry grinding operations are also available on request (see accessories). The Core face preparation jig can be easily fitted by the clamping element supplied with the machine.

Main Features

  • To grind concrete specimens, natural stones, tiles, block pavers, ceramic materials etc.
  • Large base table for grinding contemporaneously up to three 100 mm cubes, or three 150 mm cubes, or two 200 mm cubes and concrete/tile blocks of various sizes (see drawing of working area).
  • For cubes up to 200 mm and cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm
  • Motorized radial displacement in both directions by pushbutton or totally automatic with the automatic version
  • Safety guard with door locking switch conforming to CE
  • Complete with clamping elements for cubes
  • Suitable for dry grinding procedure. See accessories
  • Diamond impregnated sectors available as alternative to abrasive
  • Ideal for surface preparation of rock samples

Technical Specifications

Table Dimensions 77.5 x 28 cm
Grinding wheel diameter 330 mm
Maximum vertical daylight 350 mm
Minimum vertical daylight 145 mm
Maximum Specimen Size 200 mm cubes and 160 x 320 mm cylinders
Machined Surfaces See Schematic Representation
Grinding Head Stroke 205 mm
Number of Grinding Segments 10
Grinding Wheel Speed 1400 rpm
Automatic Cross Feed in Both Directions Yes
Safety Features Safety Guard with door locking switch: Conforming to CE
Total Power 2200 W
Overall Dimensions (lxwxh) 120 x 102 x 164 cm
Weight Approximately 350 kg
Gross Weight 415 kg
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