GenGrind Metallurgical Grinding and Polishing Machines

For user- friendly, affordable metallographic polishing equipment, look nofurther than the GenGrind product line. Each machine is simple to operate, eliminating the need for extensive training in sample preparation. GenGrind’s polishing bench grinders are designed to reach the desired material finish for additional quality control testing. Explore the product line to find the right machine for any sample production volume.

GenGrind N Series – Single and Dual Wheel Manual Grinder and Polishers
The N Series is a cost-effective metallographic polisher and grinder intended for low to medium volume applications. These metallographic polishers feature clockwise and counterclockwise wheel settings for added versatility. Their water flow pipes are easily adjustable, making it simple for operators to cool and clean specimens.
GenGrind N-S Series – Single and Dual Wheel Grinder and Polisher with Single Sample Specimen Holder
The N-S Series has all the precision of its sister system, the N Series, but also offers a unique sample holder. This added feature maintains the height of a single specimen, facilitating precise sample preparation. This metallographic grinding and polishing machine is available in both single and dual platen models.
GenGrind SA-C Series – Central Control Semi-Automatic Grinder and Polishers
The SA-C series of metallographic grinders and polishers includes semi-automatic machines that create duplicate samples quickly and efficiently. The central force load control applies equal pressure to each sample, ensuring accurate duplication. Several options are available with this product, including single or dual wheel configurations, three or five sample capacity, and dual or triple motor configuration.
GenGrind SA-I Series – Individual Control Semi-Automatic Grinder and Polishers
The individual spring load control of the SA-I Series allows for adjustable pressure to be applied to each sample. The versatility of these metallurgical grinding and polishing machines makes them ideal for a diverse range of applications. Several optional items are available for these machines, including a micrometer for measuring material loss, various dosing systems, individual specimen load springs, and a dual platen.
GenGrind FA-IC Series – Central and Individual Control Fully Automatic Grinder and Polishers
The FA-IC Series includes a fully-automatic specimen moving head with a state-of-the-art pneumatic control. The series features both individual specimen and central specimen control. These machines are available in three or five specimen plate models. A micrometer and various dosing systems are available additions to these grinder polisher machines.
GenGrind Belt BT – Dual Stage Tabletop Belt Grinder
This wet or dry table top grinder is ideal for manual grinding operations. A vacuum connection for debris removal is available, and the built-in faucet easily cleans ground specimens. This model is compatible with a standard 4″ x 36″ grinding belt.
GenGrind Belt BF – Floor Standing Heavy Duty Dual Stage Belt Grinder
The Belt BF is a wet or dry tabletop belt grinder suitable for high volume sample preparation. A floor-standing model, this machine features a re-circulation system in the front cabinet that lubricates and cleans specimens.

The GenGrind line offers highly versatile, user-friendly, and affordable grinders and polishers that are sure to increase the efficiency of sample production and duplication. For additional metallography sample preparation equipment, see our metals category.

Contact us and our experienced quality control consultants would love to help you identify the polishing and grinding sample preparation equipment that best fits with your metallographic sample preparation needs.