Advanced CNC Software Makes Tensile Test Preparation Quick and Easy

Tensile test specimen preparation is an important step to any tensile test. How you prepare your sample can affect the accuracy of the results you obtain from your tensile test, especially if you are using imperfect methods such as cutting by hand.

Traditionally, creating samples requires special machinery as well as a knowledgeable and experienced technician with advanced coding skills. Turnover rates can leave you with few trained technicians for tensile test specimen preparation. Thanks to new advances in technology, the TensileMill CNC Line of Machines is now able to create tensile samples in just a few minutes, and the operator can program the machine with little to no experience. These machines are built with the purpose of creating accurately representative tensile test samples, so they are ideal for this application.

This fast tensile sample preparation is a result of the Carbon software used by the TensileMill CNC. The CNC servo controller has a user-friendly touch screen interface, which allows the user to input the dimensions of the sample to produce. The software is programmed to create a tensile test sample of the necessary dimensions and shape within minutes, making its software one-of-a-kind. Carbon software also includes access to MACH4 Industrial CNC Software.

For flat specimen preparation, the TensileMill CNC comes in three options, including the TensileMill CNC MINI, the classic TensileMill CNC, and the TensileMill CNC XL. The sizing corresponds to the size of the machine, so that the MINI is more compact and recommended for small-scale laboratories and manufacturing facilities, while the XL would be useful in large facilities. The controller for the MINI can also be upgraded for a larger screen with more available software options.

The TensileMill CNC line of machines can save tens of thousands of dollars in terms of operator involvement and time, and makes tensile test sample preparation quick and easy. Prepare your tensile samples to specific industry requirements in just a few minutes.   Contact our qualified CNC consultants today to learn more.