Unique & Easy Specimen Preparation In Seconds? The future is Now!

The destruction resulting from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria over the past several weeks serve to emphasise the want for tensile trying out in substances used in numerous industries, specifically the ones related to construction.

If you could create the perfect tensile specimen preparation machine, what attributes would it have?  Length and versatility would surely be important, as well as ease of operation for tensile machining. Cutting-edge software program? Of course! At the same time, you would want a modern machine that allows for easy operation for any stage of engineering experience.

Although size varies with every advanced tensile specimen preparation, the milled specimen shape is in accordance to the specific industry standards. What if developing “dogbone” tensile specimens have been as easy as inputting the proper measurements and pressing GO? That’s what we call a great time saver!

Human lives are at stake when products fail to withstand the test of nature. Tensile testing is a vital part of quality control processes for large manufacturing facilities to withstand such tests.  If your business enterprise sets a high bar for safety and innovation then you may appreciate our wise cost method to your quality testing needs, no matter your lab size.

The MINI is easily used by engineering employees of all experience tiers. By simply entering measurements into the software, you will receive your perfect specimens in seconds.  CNC tensile sample preparation is simply achievable without the need for the advanced coding understanding required with complex CAD and CAM software programs.  The MINI is an all-in-one unit for superior tensile sample preparation. 

We encourage you to experience the difference of superior quality features of our TensileMill CNC MINI.  Request your detailed quotation today to learn more.