Semi and Fully Automatic Mounting Presses from GenPress Product Line

The metallography mounting presses from GenPress’ line up are designed with ease of use and affordability in mind. The product line includes semi and fully automatic presses that facilitate the repetition of sample cycles and reduce the amount of time that operators must devote to sample preparation. The affordable mounting presses in the GenPress line increase speed and efficiency during the sample mounting process. Browse the products in the line to find mounting presses for a variety of sample production needs.

MSA Series – Semi Automatic Mounting Press for Metallographic Sample Preparation
The semi-automatic mounting presses in the MSA series feature an integrated hydraulic system that allows for the simultaneous compression of one to three samples. Suitable for low to medium application, these affordable mounting presses have simple controls for testing parameters. Heat control is automatic and water cooling is accessible with the flip of a switch. For added convenience, a recirculating pump eliminates the need for a water connection.
MFA Series – Fully Automatic Mounting Press with Touch Pad Control Panel for Metallographic Sample Preparation
The MFA Series is a fully-automatic mounting press that sounds an alarm at the end of completed cycles, freeing up time for the operator. A simple keypad controls the heating, cooling, and timing of the mounting cycle. For added convenience, this model stores up to 40 operator-created programs that allow for cycle repetition with the touch of a button. The optional sample spacers allow for the completion of one to three samples in each cycle. No water connection is necessary due to the recirculating water pump and tank, and a water filter extends the life of the machine.
MFA-TS Series – Fully Automatic Mounting Press with Touch Screen Control Panel for Metallographic Sample Preparation
The MFA-TS Series includes all the convenient aspects of its sister model, but this metallographic mounting press has some added features of its own. A crystal-clear touch screen panel allows for simple navigation of settings, and the cold mounting press stores up to 99 operator-created programs for easy repetition. The user-friendly operating system assists the operator in choosing desired settings for each cycle, and heating and cooling is automatic. The optional re-circulating pump and water tank allow the machine to function without a water connection. This model is available with single or dual mold assembly.
GenVac MP Series – Epoxy Mounting Vacuum Impregnation System for Metallographic Sample Preparation
This vacuum impregnation system is designed for the precision sample impregnation of porous materials like rock. The user-friendly interface is operated easily with only a few simple controls located on the front of the machine. For the operator’s convenience, it is designed with a separate vacuum pump, clear viewing area via a transparent lid, and disposable sample cup holder.

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