The XL – Big Flat Tensile Test Specimen Preparation System

Tensile specimen preparation is an important area of interest for enterprises in the castings and forging industries. It is of course no surprise that quality assurance thru rigorous testing is a must. Clients need to recognize that their product is safe, sound, dependable and in accordance with the correct industry standards. That is why they depend upon tensile specimen preparation equipment offered by TensileMill CNC Inc.

TensileMill CNC XL is a large flat tensile sample preparation system designed for tensile preparation and other CNC machining specifications.  This tensile test specimen preparation machine is the correct solution for high volume of daily specimens. TensileMill CNC XL has been advanced by way of expert craftsman and technicians to resolve the various problems manufacturers have whilst they’re verifying material’s yield strength.. The tensile sample preparation machine is exceptionally accurate and super simple to use.  this is all thanks to an intuitive Tensile software which comes widespread with the unit. 

The machine is a grand and robust industrial purpose unit.  it can handle a variety of tensile sample preparation responsibilities, no matter how tough.   Large manufacturing corporations can use this machine to prepare large volumes of specimens efficaciously. The machine improves the capability of the production line tremendously.

Best of all, the tensile test sample preparation machine has is completely versatile to handle the smallest screws to larges uneven specimens.   This machine is right for the task. By the same token, it maintains its integrity and accuracy all the way down to 0.01mm accuracy.

The TensileMill CNC XL is delighting manufacturing firms around the globe. Its superior tensile sample preparation capabilities are gaining more and more popularity. We welcome you to test in the difference by calling us or submitting your request.