The Newest Brinell Hardness Tester: The BrinGen 3000

In Brinell Hardness Testing Manufacturing, to test the permanent change in metal materials it is imperative that quality equipment is used to do so. After all, the hardness of a material determines its durability. The Digital Brinell Hardness Test, for instance, measures the resistance of metal using a carbon tungsten ball to indent upon the material. This simulates possible deformation caused by erosion or friction, and ensures quality control when using metal for engineering projects.

The Brinell Hardness Testing System – BrinGen 3000 is one such exemplary tester. It is the newest NextGen Material Testing model specifically designed to test the resistance of metal specimens to indentation. Brinell Hardness tester comes with a fixed force (load) once applied to the metal by its indenter immediately determines the material hardness.

According to the ASTM E-10 industry standard, Digital Brinell Hardness Testing System with Scope – BrinGen 3000 can be used on surfaces of materials (such as castings or forgings) too rough to be tested by any other method. Its test load ranges from 62.5kgf to 3000kfg and comes equipped with a closed loop system. This provides customers with the absolute highest accuracy in regards to load control. It guarantees the precise control of test force application.

The Brinell Hardness Tester – BrinGen 3000 Series are standalone units, which makes it an easily adaptable piece of equipment as well. It can be readily upgraded to include the Brinell Digital Scope – BrinGen Scope for Brinell Automatic Measuring. Such an upgrade produces the most accurate results through optical Analysis Software.

For further information about this product, contact us at NextGen Material Testing to learn more. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions about the best in the world of Brinell Hardness Tester Manufacturing – BrinGen 3000. Your engineering needs are our speciality after all.