NextGen Material Testing Inc. Introduces the reliable Dual Belt Wet Belt Grinder – the GenGrind Belt BT

NextGen Material Testing Inc. is proud to introduce it’s latest tech machine in metallography dual belt grinding, the GenGrind Belt BT.  The GenGrind Belt BT is a machine that is from NEXTGEN’S GRINDING AND POLISHING EQUIPMENT LINE-UP. The machine is a high-quality belt grinder/polisher offered by NextGen Material Testing Inc., and for your convenience this machine even comes with it’s very own multipurpose work table. This makes it so that your entire machine and all the accessories that you need to work with the machine are able to move with you on the go to wherever your job takes you.

What Sets The GenGrind Belt BT Apart From Other Grinders/Polishers?

The GenGrind Belt BT is a high-efficiency machine with a stable torque that is equally capable of wet/dry grinding and makes both types of work very effective and easy. The unit also has a grinding capacity of 100mm x 210mm on both sides.

The dual wet belt grinder also boasts a variety of other desirable characteristics that make using this grinding tool a much easier and more pleasurable experience for the user. Some of those features and qualities include the following:

Compact Size:

The GenGrind Belt BT is a fairly compact machine, meaning that you can work with it almost anywhere. This table-top machine comes with its own table and the machine itself weighs 54 kg and measures in at 63x62x38 cm the machine is compact enough to go with you and allow you to work in even the smallest of spaces.

Vacuum-Effect System:
The vacuum-effect system inside the machine helps keep the machine clean through many uses and keeps the debris from building up so that the machine will run smoothly. The covers on the machine also cover the surrounding spaces so that there is no dust the flies up into the air and the vacuum sucks up the dust so it does not ruin or clutter your personal workspace between samples.
However, despite this self-cleaning ability, the machine still should be maintained and cleaned as the instructional booklet indicates to ensure that the machine is able to run as smoothly as possible well into the future. Maintenance of this machine will prevent future breakdowns and help you get the most out of your investment.

Lack Of Noise:

The dual belt grinder is in line with most other grinders on the market and runs quietly in addition to its being compact enough to take with on the go. Compared to other grinding tools on the market, the GenGrind Belt BT at considered to run at a pretty typical volume and is quiet machine as it’s operating volume is only between 61 to 70 dB.

Easy-To-Read LED Display:

The GenGrind Belt BT provides the user with an easy-to-read LED display panel that is controlled by the turn of a knob. The speeds of the grinder provide the user with a range of 100-1000 rpm.

Control Buttons:

The dual wet belt grinder comes with easy-to-operate control buttons that allow the user to easily adjust the silicon carbide belt.

Anti-Splash Cover:

The GenGrind Belt BT comes with a stainless steel anti-splash cover that fits on securely and is also easy to remove. The special vacuum-like design also allows this area of the machine to stay clean so that it can be easily maintained over longer periods of time.

Accessories Are Included:

All the accessories that you need to work with the dual belt grinder are included with the machine.  The hoses needed for hookups include a water inlet pipe that is 10mm pipe and a water outlet pipe 32mm pipe. Also included with the machine are 2 silicon carbide belts and all the other basic tools that will be needed to maintain the machine for long term use.

Working Table:

The GenGrind Belt BT comes with a convenient, movable work table so that your machine is able to move with you while you work. It also functions as a multi-functional workspace that will double as storage for your accessories while you are working with your grinding samples.

All of these features make this dual wet belt grinder a top-quality grinding machine to add to your metallographic sampling collection. Moreover, with a powerful motor of 370W, you will be able to take care of almost all of your needs for grinding samples with one machine and in one location without taking up a lot of space in your laboratory.

What Accessories Are Included With My GenGrind Belt BT Machine?

Here at NextGen Material Testing Inc. we like to help our customers get a head start on the preparations that you need to make to test your grinding samples. Therefore, with each machine that is purchased includes a standard set of tools with all the accessories you will need to operate the GenGrind Belt BT along with a few tools that help you handle any small maintenance that your machine may need as it is used. Your machine will also arrive with 2 4-inch silicon carbide belts to help you get started on your grinding samples.

Moreover, the grinder is capable of both wet and dry grinding if you already have all of the other tools that are needed for wet grinding sampling. Switching between the wet and dry grinding is as easy as using the switch on our control panel to rotate between the two settings.

All accessories including the hose connections you will need and the instructions for both wet and dry grinding are included in the standard package that comes with the unit.


The GenGrind Belt BT is a smart investment for your quality control needs for preparing both wet and dry metallography samples. The machine is compact and fits well within any laboratory setting without taking up a lot of room.

If you are looking for the best value for your money and a machine that fits a space of virtually any size yet works as hard as you do, then the GenGrind Belt BT the grinding machine for you!

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