New Product Release: High-Pressure Autoclave

NextGen Material Testing, Inc., is now carrying a new autoclave that will perform hydraulic concrete testing to meet both the ASTM C151 and ASTM C490 standards.

The high-pressure steam autoclave will hold up to 10 specimens of concrete materials to be tested. The ASTM C151 test method determines how much hydraulic cement will expand over time when calcium oxide and/or magnesium oxide in the mix are hydrated. The ASTM C490 test evaluates how much concrete will expand in length as it cures.

Traditionally, the very properties that make hydraulic concrete useful in quickly stopping leaks in masonry structures have made it difficult to perform effective testing. The challenges of testing hydraulic concrete and cement — including fast setting and hardening on exposure to water — mean that low-end testing equipment can’t be trusted for reliable results. NextGen Material Testing’s high-pressure autoclave is designed to provide the results you need in assessing your concrete quality and mix.

The high-pressure autoclave consists of a high-pressure steam vessel with a rack for holding 10 specimens obtained with 62-L0033/B moulds. The instrument is complete with pressure gauge, pressure regulator, temperature regulator, control switches and safety valve to ensure that it is safe to operate. It is certified conforming to ISPESL procedure for pressure equipment.

The autoclave measures 450 by 475 by 1080 mm and weighs 55 kg. Models for both 230V and 110V are available.

NextGen Material Testing has made the high-pressure autoclave available on its website. You can request a quote to learn more about the high-pressure autoclave, including its cost and available accessories.