Metallographic Mounting Press for Sample Preperation

The mounting press procedure can be done by a either hot (dry) or cold mounting press methods.  The hot mounting press method is generally used when the sample preparation requirements are the following:  uniform size specimens are used; a shorter duration time is required for sample preparation; and the most cost-effective option is needed.

The hot mounting press method involves the sample to be emerged in a cylindrical shape filled with mounting resin.  Under proper heat and pressure the specimen gets embedded into the cylindrical shape (puck) for further sample testing.  Thermoplastic Resins used for the mounting process allow the sample to be tested and re-tested by re-melting the resin if the results are not satisfactory the first time around. Thermoplastic Resins also have the advantage of not needing high pressure during the heating and the cooling process.  They are additionally used for delicate samples.  Thermo-Setting Resins, on the other hand, are types of resin that cure only under specific heat and pressure application.  These resins cannot be re-melted to repeat the process.

The cold mounting press method is used for specimens that are sensitive to high heat or high pressure such as ceramics, electronic circuit boards, rocks and minerals, and other composite materials. Epoxy resins are the most suitable for vacuum impregnation and porous specimens for samples that have high retention requirements. Although they generally take more time to cure, they form a better bond to the sample.  Acrylic resins are known for their ease-of-use and shorter curing duration.  They also possess excellent bonding properties to the samples and are commonly used for single specimens and unique shaped specimens.  When hardened, the Acrylic resins are resistant to most chemicals.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. offers a wide range of Mounting equipment to satisfy your quality testing needs.  All the mounting presses are equipped with a smart hydraulic system to apply the necessary compression to form 1 to 3 samples at any given time.  The line of equipment ranges from semi-automatic to fully-automatic units putting you in control of how much or little operator’s involvement is necessary.  Certain NextGen mounting presses incorporate memory settings for your most common sample preparation parameters.

The equipment is capable of preparing samples of up to 2” in diameter.  Larger sample preparation size can be custom made and are available based on your specific requirements.  Additional mould kit preparation sizes are available for multiple sample size options based on your facility’s testing needs.  Weather a digital screen or a touch screen, we got you covered for industry’s leading user-friendly interface designed to help you master your equipment in minutes.

For further information on our metallographic sample preparation equipment, please Contact Us now. You can read more about our metallographic mounting presses at: GenPress Series Metallographic Mounting Presses