Metallographic cold mounting press

Cold mounting press technology has come a long way from the time of the pharaohs when the first documented use of resins is recorded.  The last 50 years of scientific study, especially, have advanced the technology used in cold mounting press procedures so dramatically, that instead of keeping your highest paid technical minds occupied with calculations and extensive testing using ‘trial and error’ methodology, a simple flip of the switch makes metallographic cold mounting impressively user-friendly.

The GenVac MP2 offers the latest in state-of-the-art cold mounting press technology that is a unique combination of the user-friendly interface with impressive advanced applications. The unit is built to last, and not for a mere decade but for generations to come.   Equipped with standard features that include the vacuum pump and consumables for its continued, long-term use, the GenVac MP2 is a solid investment for your operation’s continued success.

The Epoxy Vacuum Impregnation System is second-to-none in its ease of operation when dealing with heat sensitive and porous specimens, notably electrical components, plastics, and ceramics. 

The GenVac MP2 offers a clean application, where resin disbursement stays contained within the hopper avoiding messy resin spills in lab areas.  A clear view of the resin disbursement procedures ensures visual accuracy and a simple flick-of-the-switch operates the machine.  Speed, accuracy and user-friendly equipment that makes your Metallographic cold mounting press operation the envy of your competition.

To be a leader in the field of Cold Mounting Press technology, you need the best equipment on the market today. NextGen Material Testing, Inc. invites you to explore our website and contact us to find the equipment that best suits your needs for speed, accuracy, and ease of operation.  You’ll be way ahead of the competition when you couple the outstanding attributes of the GenVac MP2 with our state-of-the-art technology and equipment built with the integrity to last for generations of use!

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