Less Expensive Quality Tensile Sample Preparation Machines are here!

Are you looking for a superior tensile sample coaching system on your facility without breaking your price range?   NextGen Material Testing’s tensile preparation advance equipment line up meets all of your necessary requirements. The machinery is designed for ease of use in order to meet all requirements vital for CNC machining of tensile samples. The flat tensile preparation system permits for superior tensile specimen preparation, is user-pleasant, and gives customers the capability to start milling test specimens in seconds. All whilst meeting commonplace ASTM Tensile standards and other industry requirements.

Facilities and laboratories of all sizes find that NextGen’s tensile sample preparation equipment is the right solution for their needs. Advanced tensile specimen preparation permits you to load your stock into the unit, pick the dimensions you want, and simply press 1-2 buttons to begin. Custom sizing or ASTM specific requirements are found in our library of common standards and are just a click away. Any user can mount specimens and prepare it to the right length effectively. And with more than one sample stacking option, your preparation time can be minimized for higher efficiencies. The state of the art controller is simple and made for sincerely any kind of CNC software.

the key to making you satisfied is ensuring simplicity of use for any type of operator. it is feasible to have top of the line device that exceeds your expectancies whilst also being less costly. Talk to us about your utility and technical specs to discover how this splendid system can fit your needs and your budget. touch us these days and allow us to show you how.