How the Optical Brinell Scope Removes Human Error From Your Brinell Hardness Tests

When you’re working with very small surface areas (e.g., 2.5mm ball indentation), accuracy is incredibly important—though not always easy to attain when you don’t have the right toolset.

Having said that, ask yourself what it would mean for the reliability of your organization’s Brinell hardness tests if you had a tool capable of completely removing human error from the final results.

…What if the tool empowered you to see those results in real-time?

…And what if these benefits could be enjoyed with a minimum of training necessary thanks to your new tool’s state of the art design and baked-in ease of use?

Enter the BrinGen Scope, an optically advanced CCD measuring scope that assists in removing human error from Brinell hardness tests and producing reliable, totally accurate, and always repeatable results.
If affordable accuracy sounds at all appealing, you need a BrinGen Scope. Let’s dig a little deeper into the details of this truly revolutionary tool:

What is the BrinGen Scope?

The BrinGen Scope is a CCD measuring scope that can be used both manually or digitally. It integrates with your existing computer/laptop testing program to make it faster and more accurate.

While this measuring scope has many benefits, one of the biggest time-savers for users is undoubtedly the real-time result support.

Measurements and an optical display are displayed in real time, which leaves no room for misinterpretation or human error. You can even use a variety of conversion tables. For example, the provided ASTM-E140 scale conversion table can be used to convert approximate hardness values from one test methodology to another. You can also create a completely custom conversion table.

When combined with a Brinell testing system like the BrinGen 3000 series, the BrinGen Scope provides super-accurate results with a minimum of human error, the perfect setup even for engineers with lower levels of experience.

Next, let’s take a look at the results table features of the BrinGen Scope.

BrinGen Scope Real Time Results & Results Table Features

The BrinGen Scope not only provides reliable test data, it can provide it in real time. Manual or digital measurement is supported.

The results table is easy to read and completely customizable so that you can get only the data you actually need. Columns (Diameter, HBS or HBW, load, and more) can be added or removed at the user’s discretion. A useful histogram allows you to view hardness values in a visual, intuitive way.

Various types of reports can be generated by the BrinGen Scope, including documents with data for multiple types of inspection results. Reports can also be customized with user-defined parameters.

Will the BrinGen Scope Work to Test My Material?

In short; yes. This optical Brinell scope operates on nearly any metal surface.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, movement and positioning is smooth-yet-concise. The operator’s display will show measurements, tolerance values, test results, and other vital information with unprecedented accuracy.

Whether for use in a lab, workshop, or manufacturing environment, the BrinGen Scope contributes accuracy and automation for nearly all levels of operator experience.

How is the BrinGen Scope Calibrated?

Calibration for the BrinGen Scope is simple and fast.

In the software calibration window, users can choose to type either:

*The hardness value of a standard sample
*The distance of the Diameter

Thanks to its operator-friendly design, the calibration process for the BrinGen Scope is easy, even for beginner engineers.

Optical Brinell Scope Options & Additional Features

The BrinGen Scope provides automatic, highly accurate measurements with the push of a single button—once configured to your exact specifications, operation is a cinch.

Users can easily switch between HBS and HBW modes, modify the ball diameter, and edit the test force.

To add another layer of customization, even units of measurement can be defined by the users (e.g., nm, um, mm, and so on). This helps make reports more easily readable and accurate during review.

The Brinell CCD Scope has multi-language support, making it an excellent choice for diverse or multinational working environments.

What Accessories Come With the BrinGen Scope?

At NextGen, our optical Brinell Scope comes fully equipped with a camera and LED lights. These components are secured with a stainless and aluminum housing.

Users will also receive a calibration film, software, and an additional CD that includes the user guide and video instruction.

The above is included in a padded hard shell case for maximum portability and safety for your device.

What is The Most Accurate Brinell Hardness Testing System?

The BrinGen Scope, when combined with the BrinGen 3000 series digital brinell closed loop Brinell hardness tester, provides users with near-perfect accuracy. These automatic Brinell scopes are pre-certified and pre-calibrated for ASTM E10 Brinell test requirements, though users are of course free to use the system’s customization options to test under different methodologies.

It’s not all about the hardware either—our intuitive and operator-friendly software offers many additional options for customization and data refinement. Reports can be tweaked, edited, and customized until you have the precise data you need in an easily read format.

To make things even easier, NextGen offers a full line of Brinell product consumables including indentation balls and test blocks. While we very likely have what you need in stock already, we also have the ability to manufacture test balls/blocks to your specifications within a week.

The bottom line? The BrinGen optically advanced CCD measuring scope when combined with the BrinGen 3000 series Brinell hardness tester offer users not only state of the art operational ease, but accurate, repeatable results.

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