Fully Automated Mounting Press Capabilities From the GenPress MFA Series

The GenPress MFA Series consists of both the GenPress MFA Series and the GenPress MFA-TS Series machines.

The GenPress MFA Series consists of a fully automatic mounting press is a machine that is used for metallographic sample preparations. These are advanced automatic mounting presses that are used for the compression of mounting samples. The entire mounting press is controlled by a basic keypad where the parameters for heating and cooling can be adjusted as well to the timing and needs of the user. The automatic hot mounting press allows the user to store up to 40 customized operator-created programs that will allow the user to just select and repeat these programs without having to re-enter the information every time they want to perform a test. The machine is also fully automated to run the metallography tests which is great to allow the worker to be freed up to do other tasks and activities throughout the lab while the machine performs the testing. Our hot mounting press can prepare one to three samples at any given time and can be used independently from any water connection. This high-quality machine provides a great option for an affordable mounting press.

The GenPress MFA-TS series of machines are equipped with the same automatic mounting press for metallographic sample preparation as the GenPress MFA series does, however, the TS series provides an 8.7″ touch-screen to make selecting the settings for you to conveniently set the heating or cooling temperatures that you need to set your sample to. It also lets you select the timing and all other cycle parameters with the touch of a finger. Another upgrade to this series is that it lets the user store up to 99 which can be easily remembered and repeated. This mounting press machine is also user-friendly and is an “upgrade” from the generic GenPress MFA.

For more information on the GenPress MFA & GenPress MFA-TS Systems and how they can help your business please feel free to contact us.