Epoxy Vacuum Impregnation System You Can Count On

Cold Mounting Presses

A cold mounting metallography press works to remove all of the air from your epoxy materials and creates a smooth mount between your resin and specimen by removing any gaps. Using this mounting method is absolutely paramount when dealing with porous materials, as they naturally have cavities and cracks. These must be sealed with a cold mounting press to fill in those spaces. However, not all epoxy vacuum impregnation systems are created equally.

How GenVac MP2 Stands Above The Rest

This unit comes with everything you need to start preparing your metallography samples today! Furthermore, the GenVac MP2 is both user-friendly and technologically advanced, a rare combination in today’s world. Built to last, you can be sure this cold mounting press will last for generations; more importantly, we do not utilize any proprietary parts. You will be able to source replacement parts from local sources, keeping your business running. Of course, all parts and consumables are also offered through NextGen Material Testing.

The GenVac MP2 has a simple plug-and-play configuration, which means you will not waste any time formally training your employees on how to use it. We also offer a lifetime support guarantee, so at any time we will be able to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise. With clear, removable parts, it is easy to position and handle your samples. This ensures you will not lose any impregnation materials, unlike other units on the market. This complete epoxy vacuum impregnation system meets all of your cold mounting press needs!

How To Purchase Yours

Purchasing a GenVac MP2 is simple — contact us today! Most units ship immediately, arriving in under 2 weeks to your doorstep! Because the machine comes standard with all the equipment and consumables you will need, you can get started preparing your high-quality metallography samples as soon as you order one. What are you waiting for?