Custom Machines for Tensile Test Sample Preparation: Tailored To Your Project Needs

Tensile testing is a staple for a plethora of industries. Be it the construction industry or the mechanical assembly industry; tensile testing is at the center of all operations.

The properties measured by a tensile test are ductility, tensile strength, maximum elongation, and reduction of a sample. The results predict how a sample will perform in use, select a material for an application, and verify that industry specifications are met.

Fundamentally, a machine must have four cardinal capabilities for the test sample being tested. The capabilities include speed, force capacity, precision, and accuracy. The equipment should aptly have enough force to fracture the specimen and at a pace that mimics its application. Lastly, the machine should record the force capacity and measure the gauge length accurately.

In today’s dynamic world of engineering, tensile test sample preparation is focal in various industries. These industries have individual needs. In addition to the cardinal capabilities of a tensile sample preparation machine, ensure that your tensile test specimen supplier has the right fit for all your tensile sample preparation needs.

At TensileMill CNC Inc., we have a wide selection of round and flat tensile specimen preparation equipment suitable for all industries.

The TensileTurn CNC round specimen preparation machine can prepare sub-size, thread, round tensile, and button-head tensile specimens with just a touch of a button. The control systems feature Carbon Software with a high CPU capacity for speedy and accurate measurements.

Operation of the TensileTurn CNC flat specimens preparation machine is done with the user-friendly Carbon Software that is suitable for all tiers of experience. It follows the DIN, ISO, ASTM, JIS or any standard in any industry for the quick selection of tensile types.

Here at TensileMill CNC Inc., we offer custom machines tailored based on your unique project requirements. Our customized devices come with superior quality and exceptional speed of tensile preparation with a tinge of unique capabilities that are exclusively tailored to meet your project requirements.

We encourage you to experience the difference in superior quality with our wide range of products by requesting a quote today.