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With specialized, user-friendly software, TensileMill CNC makes it easier than ever before to create high-quality tensile specimens tailored to your exact needs. The unique interface is so effortless to use that all you'll need to get started is the measurements for your required specimen. This can be based on ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS, or other industry standards. Once your measurements are entered, it is only seconds before the machine is ready to begin milling. TensileMill CNC also saves your previously entered specimen sizes so they can be accessed again with the touch of a button. Further, a diverse library of preprogrammed specimen sizes comes included for many common applications. And of course, the TensileMill CNC is loaded with our full Carbon software, giving you access to the complete range of capabilities you would expect from any CNC mill.


Our Carbon software drives the functionality of the easy-to-use touch screen controller featured on the TensileMill CNC. Carbon is a powerful and intuitive CNC control system. With 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM, as well as WiFi, Ethernet, and USB ports available, the TensileMill CNC offers a robust and easy-to-access system. Software features include: macro B programming, 254 tool offsets, 126 work offsets, helical interpolation, drilling canned cycles, scaling and mirroring, advanced trajectory planning, cutting edge dual-mode cutter compensation, and more. In addition to the specialized tensile specimen milling interface, Carbon also gives the operator access to the Mach4-Industrial CNC software used for professional CNC control functions. We are constantly updating Carbon with new features, and every TensileMill CNC system includes all future updates at no cost.


TensileMill CNC is a small but powerful high-speed machining center designed with the testing industry specifically in mind. TensileMill CNC is built from quality parts and centered on a heavy, cast iron frame. All axes slide smoothly on linear rails. High-powered servos and a 24,000 RPM ISO20 spindle provide superior machining capability.

Technical Specifications

TensileMill CNC
X Travel 10.6"
Y Travel 6.3"
Z Travel 10.6"
Table Size X 21.65"
Table Size Y 6.3"
Face Mill Capacity 2"
Min Spindle Speed (RPM) 3000
Max Spindle Speed (RPM) 24000
Spindle Type ISO 20
Motor Size (hp) 2 (1.5 kW)
Spindle Control Yes
Flood Coolant Included Yes
Homing Switched Yes
Control System CARBON CNC
Repeatability 0.0004"
Rapid Traverse Speeds 500 ipm
Screw type Ball Screw
Backlash Compensation Double - P5 class PMI
Weight (lbs) 1200
Dimensions 49.2 x 57.1 x 76.8 in (1250 x 1450 x 1950 mm)
Voltage 3HP 220V/50/60Hz 1ph


  • 21.6" x 6.3" Table
  • Hiwin precision linear ways
  • 3000 to 24,000 rpm precision spindle
  • 220V 15A single-phase AC
  • ISO 20 Spindle Interface
  • High quality casting
  • Compact structure
  • PMI double nut ballscrews
  • High-quality electrical components
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Axis bellows covers
  • Full enclosure
  • CE and CCC safety certification
TensileMill CNC