It is simple to order with NextGen Material Testing, Inc.  First, check out our How to Order page to guide you in the right direction. Ordering is as simple as calling us with credit card information or submitting a Purchase Order through e-mail or fax. If you need to be approved for credit, please submit your credit application with your Purchase Order with a minimum of 3 trade references. Our team is quick and efficient in having all orders processed within 24 hours. You will receive an order confirmation email as soon as it has been inputted into our system.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. is an International manufacturing supplier of quality testing equipment. We are pleased to serve your quality testing needs abroad. Please contact a Product Consultant today to discuss payment terms for International orders

Upon your order NextGen Material Testing, Inc. takes it upon themselves to pay the customer clearance charges on your behalf.

Yes, NextGen Material Testing, Inc. provides the necessary training and installation for all of our equipment. We have certified professionals that can accommodate your installation and training requirements. NextGen can provide extensive training and/or installation anywhere in North America and abroad. Please contact your Product Consultant specialist in receiving a quotation for our installation and training services.
NextGen specializes in delivering equipment that is fully calibrated and over 90% ready to use. The combination of an easy-to-understand operations manual and a user friendly interface allows you to completely understand the operation of the system with little to no time investment. Our technical service engineers are always ready to provide support via Phone, Fax, E-mail, Skype as well as TeamViewer to ensure your quality control equipment operates without hesitation.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. makes it convenient to have you approved for NET payment terms. All we request is for you to submit a minimum of three (3) Trade References and 1 Banking Reference (if applicable). Our Accounting department generally takes less than 48 hours to provide you with the final status of the application.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. is committed to providing every client with the highest quality equipment for the lowest possible price. We achieve this through our corporate infrastructure. Low overhead, high production volumes, and cutting out any possible middle men allows NextGen Material Testing, Inc. to deliver better quality testing equipment at a lesser cost.

It is easy to order additional accessories and spare parts from NextGen Material Testing, Inc. Please submit your request to with the desired accessories and/or spare parts and we would be glad to provide you with a detailed quotation as soon as possible. You may also fill out our Service Request application which can be found here. Please be sure to include the Serial # of your previously purchased equipment.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. accepts virtually all forms of payments including Wire Transfers, Corporate Cheques, and Visa / MasterCard payments (1.5%-3.0% processing fees apply to Credit Card Payments). Contact your Product Consultant today to arrange for your payment. An invoice can be issued to you at your request.
Please note: American Express is currently not accepted by NextGen Material Testing, Inc. We apologize for any inconvenience.

All NextGen Material Testing, Inc.'s equipment comes calibrated and certified prior to leaving our facility. All of our equipment is manufactured in accordance to the latest applicable industry standards.

NextGen’s Price Match Guarantee is one of our unique corporate advantages. We are happy to provide a price match for an apple-to-apple comparison relative to credible North American manufacturers with an additional 10% discount of the price difference. Please confirm if you qualify for our Price Match Advantage Guarantee with your Product Consultant.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. works around your schedule... whatever that schedule is.
Monday to Friday: 6:00 am EST to 9:00 pm EST
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST
After hours support is available via e-mail to

Some portable equipment is kept in stock and is ready for shipment upon receiving your order, however, the majority of our quality testing equipment from NextGen Material Testing, Inc. is manufactured-to-order. For this reason, we provide approximate lead times based on the ordered equipment and the current levels of production. Occasionally, there are exceptions to the rule where orders can be expedited. This is by special request and must be discussed with our Product Consultants prior to ordering. There can be an expediting fee which will be detailed case by case.

95% of our material testing equipment is manufactured to order.
Depending on the type of your required equipment, lead times can vary
and will be listed in detail in your quotation. If you have specific
requirements for when you need the tester delivered, please let a
NextGen representative know and we will do our best to accommodate your
requests. Additional fees may apply. Many of our portable items are in
stock and ready to be delivered to your lab.

NextGen provides you with a minimum of 12 months warranty on your purchased equipment upon the delivery. The warranty covers the machine top to bottom with the exception of parts affected by wear and tear. Lear more at: Our unique bonus to you is our Life-Time Consultation Advantage extended to all of our clients. This service allows for an ongoing support, problem resolution and specific technical requirement consultations for the life-time of your equipment. Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail or submit your question here. Minor repairs, some calibration services, and other support is offered as a part of this free service.

At NextGen, we pride ourselves in providing equipment with the most user friendly interfaces and easy to use professional software to aid our clients in fast and efficient operator training. The combination of an easy to understand operations manual and an easy to use interface allows for operators to receive the necessary training promptly. NextGen technical staff are always available to provide phone and/or video conferences to demonstrate the necessary steps for operating the equipment. You may also benefit from our on-site training and installation packages to train your operators in feeling confident when using our advanced quality control equipment.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. welcomes resellers and distributors. Honesty, integrity and a proven strategy for client satisfaction are some of the characteristics we evaluate upon accepting a partnering distributor. In today's marketplace the single most important competitive advantage, other than the top of the line quality products, is the level of exceptional quality customer service for each client every step of the way. As long as you are willing to put the clients' needs and wants first, we are willing to work with you to create a win-win-win scenario.

NextGen Material Testing, Inc. offers a variety of services including product training, installation, annual calibration, software training, and our famous sample testing credit services. Our priority is to make sure you are an expert on our equipment by the time we are done!

We provide a wide variety of consumables for all of our applicable Quality Control Equipment. You may request a list of all consumables related to your equipment and/or ask for specific items based on your needs. NextGen Material Testing, Inc. provides you with the one-stop shop advantage to save you time, energy and money. The standard lead times may vary from 1-3 weeks depending on the order quantity.

We pride ourselves in the ability to meet virtually all of our clients' technical needs. Elongated Depth/Height for your Hardness Testers; Custom Grips for your specialized specimens for the Universal Testing Machines; Additional fluid chambers for the Grinder and Polisher systems, and much more. Please ask what your facility requires and our technical engineer applications team will be happy to serve you.

Our NG5000 Series DGEN Model, the digital Macro Vickers Hardness tester, with the optional CCD Camera and software are highly recommended for the ultimate precision and reading accuracy benefits.  The equipment is designed with user friendliness in mind. It allows both the experienced and the novice operators to reach the exact hardness test readings with the use of our intuitive software.  Contact one of our product consultants today for an option that best fits your precision needs. 

The NG5000 series Macro Hardness testers can be connected to a computer with the included USB/RS-232 cord for ease of data transferring.  The files can be exported in both the Excel Word formats for ease of printing. 

The PC is not included with the purchase of the equipment.  We recommend our clients to purchase the PC locally for the opportunity of getting the best local sale deals.  We also suggest to purchase a brand name PC to achieve the most effective technical support.  

The software requirements for the Macro Vickers Hardness tester are Windows 7 64 bit.

NextGen material Testing Inc. is very different from other material testing providers.  Our personalized approach, immediate inquiry response times, local service & support and most competitive prices in the market make us the leader in our field. 

We are readily available to provide you with numerous references of our satisfied clients who are willing to vouch for us. 

Additionally, please refer to the following link summarizing a third party research conducted on NextGen’s Hardness Testing systems