Vickers Hardness Tester Solutions

Tensile testing of metallic materials for case depth hardness estimates the extended wearing life of a product during intended application. Modified Vickers Hardness testing methods, like the NG-1000 Series – Micro Vickers Hardness Testing System are now performed with software automation to record the effects of heat treatment on industrial metals.

An Evolution in Vickers Hardness Testing
Originally developed by the Vickers Company of the United Kingdom in the 1920s to test alloy armor plates, the Vickers Hardness Test is still utilized to evaluate welded joints and heat-affected zones (HAZ) of metal surfaces. Today, Micro Vickers hardness testers and Macro Vickers hardness testers are utilized in industrial tensile testing and quality control processes.

In the world of Micro and Macro Vickers hardness tester manufacturing, NextGen’s Vickers Hardness Testing systems are now leading the market in ease-of-use and automation. Software applications innovated for the specialized testing, and quality control compliance of products, is available industrial metal processing and manufacturer enterprises. With software applications, Vickers hardness testing systems can survey large areas, stitching together individual test results and coordinates.

Automated Vickers Hardness Testing Solution
To calculate the lifespan and stress endurance of a metals product, metals testers conduct a core depth test for hardness. Measurement of metal material surface durability can be performed with Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Testing. The latest Micro/Macro Vickers Testing method used to determine hardness depth and depth profile. The Micro Hardness Test is less invasive than more traditional methods while the Macro is used for materials that require less delicate hardness testing requirements.

Minimal deformation left by Micro Hardness testing is the result of modification to the Vickers Hardness Test method. Only made possible with the introduction of CAD and CAM software technologies, automated tensile testing is nothing short of revolutionary. Join the Vickers hardness tester revolution with NextGen’s NG Series Analogue / Digital Vickers Hardness testing systems.

The Micro Vickers hardness testing system – NG1000 Series and the Macro Vickers hardness testing system – NG5000 Series are your optimal solutions for Vickers hardness testing and quality control needs. Request quote today to learn more.