TensileTurn CNC: High-Quality Round Tensile Sample Preparation

TensileTurn CNC: High-Quality Round Tensile Sample Preparation

Tensile sample preparation is a key step in the tensile testing process, directly impacting material testing results. Preparation involves crafting specimens according to specific specifications, such as ASTM E8 for non-powder metallurgy materials. Specialized equipment is required to achieve the required accuracy, especially when testing round tensile specimens.

Tensile tests demand rigorous requirements, which have led to the development of innovative solutions. These solutions facilitate accurate and efficient specimen preparation, increasing the reliability and integrity of tensile testing processes. By following these advanced methods, laboratories (and not only) can boost their testing accuracy and efficiency significantly. There are, however, not many reliable tools that can handle this process quickly and easily.

This is why we present to you our top-tier solutions developed in collaboration with TensileMill CNC – a company specializing in tensile testing and specimen preparation. The systems are designed to easily integrate into your lab’s workflow, ensuring precise and efficient material testing..

TensileTurn CNC: Precision Tool for Tensile Specimens

First, we offer the TensileTurn CNC, a specialized machine for performing exact tensile tests on round samples. In addition to its ability to handle specimens up to 2 inches in diameter and 16 inches in length, it can also be used for a broad range of material testing applications. Known for its user-friendly interface, the machine features an award-winning touchscreen and an integrated tensile milling interface, simplifying preparation.

Carbon software allows the TensileTurn CNC to perform many types of operations, including cutting, sanding, drilling, facing, and turning. The software also complies with ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards. Moreover, you can customize it to meet the needs of diverse industries. Providing long-term relevance, its library can be updated with new standards.

Combined with the machine’s automated lathe, the compact size provides accurate material shaping. When performing tensile tests, this precision is crucial for focusing forces correctly. Designed to prepare round tensile samples quickly, this device increases laboratory productivity.

A powerful 2.2KW motor provides the necessary power to handle a range of materials with ease on the TensileTurn CNC. Along with a 3-jaw chuck system, this feature supports the machine’s versatility. During processing, a 25L coolant tank will keep optimal operating temperatures to maintain the integrity of materials. Hence, combining these features as well as its compact and efficient design, the TensileTurn CNC is an indispensable tool for laboratories seeking to streamline the preparation of tensile specimens.

Ideal for labs in many industries, the TensileTurn CNC is an excellent choice for those requiring quick, accurate, and versatile specimen preparation. Whether for research, quality control, or educational purposes, this machine provides a solution that balances precision, ease of use, and adaptability. If you are interested in learning more about the TensileTurn CNC, contact us here.

TensileTurn CNC – Industrial Upgrade for Increased Functionality

Compared to our first product, the TensileTurn CNC Industrial Upgrade is designed for more demanding industrial applications. With a maximum diameter of 5 inches and a maximum length of 8 inches, this machine stands out for its ability to handle larger specimen sizes. It is ideal for testing environments with high volumes and large scales due to its increased capacity.

A more powerful motor is also included in the Industrial Upgrade model, allowing to process tougher materials. Despite its advanced features, this version maintains the user-friendly interface of the standard model with touchscreen control and an integrated tensile milling interface.

With its compatibility with ASTM, ISO, and DIN standards, this machine can be used in an array of industries. Its ability to adapt to new standards further enhances its long-term applicability to a broad range of testing situations.

TensileTurn CNC Industrial Upgrade can prepare a range of tensile specimens, including standard round, sub-size, threaded, and button-head specimens, as well as fatigue specimens. The machine’s design simplifies the loading of round, square, or irregular stock, simplifying the operator’s job.

For high-speed machining, a granite frame and ball screws provide a robust, shock-absorbent foundation. A stainless steel enclosure, a high-performance 4000 RPM 2 HP motor, and an 8-position turret make this machine an excellent choice for a range of tool types. Additionally, it’s equipped with servos like the FANUC Bis 0.5 and features center drilling automation.

For laboratories requiring a higher level of specimen preparation capability, TensileTurn CNC Industrial Upgrade offers precision, power, and efficiency for complex and demanding tensile testing tasks. Contact us here to learn more about the TensileTurn CNC.

Advanced Solutions for Tensile Sample Preparation

With the TensileTurn CNC series, both the standard version and the Industrial Upgrade version, you will have access to the pinnacle of specimen preparation technology. The advanced Carbon software that facilitates the machines’ precision ensures that specimens are shaped accurately. This series caters to a large assortment of specimen types, including round, sub-size, threaded, and fatigue specimens. With its more powerful motor and larger handling capacity, the Industrial Upgrade is ideal for demanding industrial environments.

Besides equipment, we also provide tensile specimen preparation and material testing services. Whether you need standard or custom specimen preparation solution, our tools and services are designed to meet the most rigorous testing requests. We customize our offers to support a range of industries and research areas with precision, efficiency, and adaptability.

Contact us for more information on our products and services, as well as to discuss how we can assist you with your tensile testing and material testing needs.