TensileTurn CNC: rapid, smooth, and accurate round Tensile sample preparation

Round tensile sample preparation could be a tricky task, requiring unique equipment mainly designed to prepare accurate samples which contribute to accurate outcomes. According to ASTM standards for round tensile preparation for E8 materials (without powder metallurgy substances), the gauge lengths for such specimens are required to be 4 times the diameter of the center of the specimen. It is important for round tensile take a look at specimen dimensions to be precise so that forces are focused in the correct area, resulting in satisfactory outcomes.

The TensileTurn CNC is the precise system for doing round, rectangular, or irregular tensile samples. It is particularly adept at speedy round tensile sample preparation due to its compact size and automated lathe for correct material shaping. The TensileTurn CNC is prepared with both our award-winning touchscreen interface and our superior CNC software.

Our contact display screen with integrating tensile milling interface makes your tensile preparation smooth and accurate for virtually any types of materials. Our library of common standards consists of ASTM, ISO, DIN, and others depending on your industry requirements.  The beauty of the advanced tensile and CNC software is that the library can be updated with any additional standards at any time.   You have an option of choosing usual tensile specimen sizes from our collection or inputting custom sizes the use of the numerical keypad or input new ones at will. The TensileTurn CNC can correctly turn samples up to two inches in diameter and sixteen inches in length with a press of few buttons!

Our CNC software – Carbon software program is a notable tool for the skilled operators. This software program permits operators to use the TensileTurn CNC for standard programs along with cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, facing, and turning.  All software program updates are provided with each unit at no extra fee.

The TensileTurn CNC can turn round round, sub-size, threaded, button-head and fatigue specimens in seconds. Your laboratory now does not have to wait on round tensile specimens to be prepared and shipped from offsite facilities. The TensileTurn CNC permits your team of workers to easily produce awesome tensile samples in your very own laboratory.  Reach out to us to see that we have the right product for your lab.