Tensile Sample Preparation – MINI You Can Trust

The TensileMill CNC MINI has recast the mold for tensile sample preparation.  Convenient size and high accuracy coupled with a user-friendly interface isn’t the norm in the field of tensile test sample preparation.  In fact, it didn’t exist prior to the TensileMill MINI.  The MINI brings an ease of operation to producing standard round specimens all the way to more complex threaded or button-head tensile bars.  TensileSoft – TensileMill software is designed to make the operators’ job easy.  Enter the test sample parameters in the simple user-friendly software and the MINI will do the rest.  Your tensile test specimen preparation time is now measured in seconds from here.  No advanced coding knowledge of CAD or CAM software required.  The standard 10-inch touchscreen controller couldn’t make set up any easier.
The interface can ask to just enter a size based on current ASTM, ISO, DIN, or JIS standards.  Or you can just access previously entered specimen sizes if your sample sizes are repetitive.   There is even a diverse standard library of preprogrammed tensile specimens that don’t require anything to be entered other than the selection! Even inexperienced operators can be as efficient as seasoned professionals in tensile sample preparation when using the MINI. 
Another thing about the CNC machines coming out of TensileMill is that they are made from high quality parts on a cast iron frame that wouldn’t normally be expected in such a compact unit.  It seems that preparing tensile test specimens has finally taken a few gigantic steps forward in terms of usability and convenience.  It’s time to move away from older machines that require tremendous time and effort to operate and extensive operator knowledge to run.  A new operator of the MINI can be spooled up to perform basic operations in minutes. This is truly a state-of -the-art machine designed for operator efficiency.  Bring your operation into the future with the TensileMill MINI.  Request a quote now.