Rockwell Hardness Testing System – Your One Stop Testing Solution

As testing becomes more and more important, companies are looking for a reliable solution for their production. Not only are government regulations focusing on this feature, consumers and buyers want to know that goods are the up to the quality standards they expect. For that reason, more are choosing the Rockwell hardness testing system for their needs. This hardness testing system from Rockwell manufacturing is a leader in the industry with top quality equipment.

The Rockwell hardness tester measures hardness by testing the indentation from a standard load over a specified dwell time until it reaches a zero point. The greater the indentation and deeper the zero point, the softer the material and vice versa. This formula has been standardized across the industry by the ASTM E18 criteria.

The NG-RockGen Analogue Rockwell Hardness Tester is one of the best systems to test this process. It is scratch resistant and casted molding shell that is extremely resistant to damage. The device is also very sensitive to weight and extremely accurate. Best of all, it is simple to adjust and does not require electric power.

The NG RockGen Digital Series is similar to the above device but adds an automatic, digital component. It can be adjusted to a super sensitive scale and and links directly with a computer system. It can automatically log readings that are used for future auditing. It also has a large LCD screen that is easy to read. Best of all, it has an automated repeat-ability for multiple tests.

Overall, choosing a Rockwell digital or analogue hardness testing system is a great benefit that more and more firms are choosing for their quality control processes.  Request a quote today for a Rockwell system that will supersede your expectations.