Introducing the MINI: The Future of Compact Tensile Sample Preparation

In the world of material testing, particularly in tensile testing and tensile sample preparation, there’s a common expectation that larger volumes of work necessitate large machines. This belief comes from the logical assumption that to prepare a significant number of tensile specimens quickly, one would need either a considerable amount of specialized equipment or sizable machinery.

However, this isn’t always the case. A machine’s effectiveness isn’t solely determined by its size. The English proverb “big things come in small packages” aptly applies here, especially when working with advanced tools for tensile specimens. It’s the efficiency and capability of the equipment that matters, not its physical dimensions.

This brings us to the introduction of an optimal choice for preparing flat (dog bones) specimens for tensile testing: the new model of TensileMill CNC MINI. This machine, developed in collaboration with TensileMill CNC, is designed specifically for efficient operation in material labs, demonstrating that significant capabilities can indeed be housed in compact sizes. To better understand why this machine stands as the perfect option for flat tensile specimen preparation, let’s take a closer look at it.

TensileMill CNC MINI: When Precision Meets Compact Design

Tensile specimen preparation has never been easier with the TensileMill CNC MINI. Despite its compact size, it offers unmatched flexibility and full CNC machining capabilities, challenging conventional expectations. The machine’s recent upgrades have not only improved performance over the Classic model but also introduced a number of features designed to meet the rigorous demands of tensile specimen preparation.cnc mini

Due to its smaller footprint and larger table size, this machine offers more space for specimen preparation without taking up too much space. By combining higher power with improved precision and repeatability, users can achieve accurate, consistent results every time. Additionally, it is an affordable option for labs looking to optimize their operations without sacrificing quality.

With a 10″ LCD and Tensile Software, the TensileMill CNC MINI is easy to operate even for CNC machining novices. It quickly sets up specimen sizes for different standards and handles different materials efficiently. A preprogrammed specimen library and an upgradeable Carbon software interface are provided by TensileSoftTM software, which adheres to standards like ASTM E8 and A370. For labs focused on precision and efficiency, this feature-rich, versatile machine streamlines tensile sample preparation.

Its upgradeable touchscreen controller and the comprehensive Carbon software present a suite of advanced features that enhance the user experience of the TensileMill CNC MINI. The machine has a 21″ touch screen, enhanced memory, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, numerous programming and machining functions and professional CNC control functions via MACH4 Industrial CNC Software. The setup includes 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, alongside USB. This machine combines the ease of B programming, extensive tool and work offsets, with the efficiency of an ISO20 spindle and high-quality servos.

Your Reliable Tensile Sample Preparation Equipment

TensileMill CNC MINI demonstrates how technology has enabled significant capabilities to be packed into compact and efficient machines, challenging the traditional notion that bigger is better. This machine proves to be an ideal choice for material labs requiring high precision and efficiency in preparing flat tensile specimens. With its compact design, it provides a comprehensive solution that meets the rigorous demands of tensile specimen preparation without sacrificing flexibility, power, or precision. An upgradeable touchscreen controller powered by advanced software and a preprogrammed specimen library distinguish the TensileMill CNC MINI as a versatile and user-friendly machine.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly or request a quote online. We are ready to assist you with your inquiries and provide customized solutions tailored to your needs. NextGen is committed to enabling you to achieve excellence in material testing!