Find out the wonder of the TensileTurn CNC – New and Modified Tensile Sample Preparation Machine for Round Tensile Specimens

How a good deal might your organization store with rapid tensile pattern coaching? monthly? yearly?

The contemporary new release of the TensileTurn CNC is a cutting-edge new and advanced unit with upgraded software program and stronger features. Let’s take a couple of moments to discuss how this CNC tensile machine and what it can offer you in terms of a low priced round tensile preparation solution.

Better functions for efficiency and ease of use
Round tensile sample preparation requires precision and accuracy. in case you’re trying to CNC your tensile specimens with a machine that doesn’t (or can not) meet your precise specs, you will struggle dearly to meet the industry standards. This is why the TensileTurn CNC comes prepared with an intuitive, user-friendly interface with all the key industry standards pre-programmed in it based on your need, like ASTIM, ISO, DIN, or JIS. These standards come pre programmed prior to dispatch to save your business enterprise even more time and effort.

Producer of tensile preparation equipment that stands the test of time
The TensileTurn CNC is designed that will help you with round tensile preparation for years yet to come. With faraway software upgrades, you don’t need to worry about scheduling an appointment with a tech or leap thru any hoops to stay updated with the today’s industry standards.

Tensile sample preparation equipment just like the TensileTurn CNC provides effective yet user-pleasant software program for immediate tensile sample preparation, and that’s why our Carbon software program is pinnacle of the road, capable of integrating macro B programming, 126 and 254 tool offsets, and greater.

Affordable round tensile milling
In the world of tensile sample preparation manufacturers, TensileTurn CNC is the most affordable cost-saving solution.  The machine is proven to save our customers an annual average of $20,000-$30,000 USD yearly on sample prep costs and even more on labour by reducing the time required to operate the machine by the quality engineers.  Learn more about the way it works here.