A Dozen Reasons to Invest in the GenNotch Impact Sample Notching Machine

In today’s competitive marketplace, a robust sample preparation machine can be the difference between superb quality control and samples that are marred by imperfection and inconsistency. With the introduction of the GenNotch Impact Sample Notching Machine, you can minimize these flaws and help ensure that your samples are prepared exactly according to specification and relevant industry standards. Below are a dozen reasons why you should invest in the GenNotch Impact Sample Notching Machine.

1) Outstanding Accuracy

“Fifteen years ago, most reference standards were produced for the aerospace and nuclear power industries. The smallest notch that could be accurately machined in them was the width of a human hair, about 0.003 in. Today, reference standards with notches one third that width are produced with electrical discharge machining.”

– Phil Herman, Jr., President and CEO of PH Tool Reference Standards
Machining charpy samples has never been easier.  Technological advancements and evolving customer expectations have paved the way for the GenNotch motorized specimen broaching machine. Accuracy is no longer considered a wish list item by industry professionals – it is now an expectation. The GenNotch meets this expectation with its outstanding accuracy.

2) Superb Versatility

The GenNotch 4000 is designed to accommodate specimens with a variety of different types of notches. This benefit makes it an excellent choice for testing of ductile materials as well as those featuring PMMA and soda-lime glass. Here are the types of notches that the GenNotch can handle with precision:

*V type: depth 2mm, 45°±2°, r=0.25mm±0.025mm
*U2 type: depth 2mm, width 2mm, r=1mm±0.05mm
*U3 type: depth 3mm, width 2mm, r=1mm±0.05mm
*U5 type: depth 5mm, width 2mm, r=1mm±0.05mm

3) A Low-Maintenance Design

The GenNotch motorized notching and broaching machine is designed to minimize operator effort and maximize productivity. Built with an internal lubricating oil circulation system, the GenNotch system is virtually maintenance free. Any debris or shavings accumulate on the top of the machine, making it easy for personnel to clean the machine with only a brush or a magnet.

4) Unparalleled Durability

The GenNotch is manufactured with longevity in mind. Engineered to last for decades, this charpy notch broaching machine is constructed of high-quality materials to withstand use in environments that operate according to laboratory standards. Moreover, NextGen stands behind the GenNotch and their other products 100%, offering excellent after-sales service.

5) Compliance with Key Regulatory Standards

As industry regulations become increasingly stringent, compliance with standards and regulations has become a top priority for organizations across the globe. When you introduce the GenNotch 4000 to your facility, you can face your next quality control audit with confidence. The GenNotch 4000 complies with the following standards:

*DIN 50115

6) Excellent Adaptability

“Impact specimens are of standard or subsize dimensions that can be found in a variety of industry standards including ASTM E23, ASTM A370, EN 10045-1 and ISO 148.”
– NextGen Material Testing
The flexibility of the GenNotch enables it to accommodate a variety of different sample sizes with a simple modification. In contrast to other machines that only handle standard specimen sizes, the GenNotch is able to handle sub-size specimens for Charpy and Izod Impact sample preparation.

7) Simple Power Requirements

NextGen’s Charpy and Izod specimen notching machine does not have any complicated power requirements. In fact, you only need 3-phase, 5-line power to connect and operate the machine. With an AC 380V motor, the machine can operate in 50 or 60 Hz environments. These simple requirements set the stage for users across the globe to enjoy the benefits of the GenNotch.

8) Reliable Results

“The purpose of both sampling (another topic entirely) and sample preparation for analytical purposes is to map the results to the real world (or the limited universe that the sample represents) as closely as possible.  While this may be a task that is complex in many cases, non- the-less an honest attempt must be made.”
– Jim Duncan, Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Consistent and reliable results are essential when preparing samples. The GenNotch is a model of consistency and reliability, producing sample results that are equivalent to those produced by a milling machine.

9) Space-saving Design

In contrast to many specimen broaching machines, the NextGen GenNotch 4000 series is a floor-standing unit that measures 43cm x 75cm x 125cm tall. The GenNotch weighs 200 kg (440 pounds) and features a 20-litre oil volume.

10) A Comprehensive Warranty

Ensuring that customers have a positive purchasing experience is a top goal for the NextGen team. One of the many ways NextGen accomplishes this goal is to offer a comprehensive warranty on the GenNotch and their other machines. The GenNotch is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that encompasses the entire machine with the exception of consumables. Featuring a minimum warranty of one year, the GenNotch offers users the peace of mind that they seek when investing in a top-quality sample preparation machine.

11) Easy to Purchase

The NextGen team makes it easy for customers to enjoy the benefits of the GenNotch charpy notch broaching machine. You can request an online quote in a matter of seconds and usually receive a response within 24 hours. Or, if you require a faster response, you can reach a knowledgeable NextGen representative by phone at 1-888-332-3582. NextGen accepts payments by bank wire transfer, cash, and credit card, and may accept purchase orders from customers who comply with credit requirements.

12) Trusted Product Support

Even the most dependable, user-friendly machines can spur questions from time to time. The GenNotch is backed by a team of skilled professionals who are ready to answer your questions and provide product support. For over half a decade, the NextGen team has devoted its resources to developing industry-leading sample preparation machines and their specialists strive to meet your specific needs and budgetary requirements.

Experience the GenNotch Difference

As outlined above, the GenNotch system offers a host of benefits that can help your organization achieve new heights in quality and efficiency. From its strategic design to its outstanding reliability, the GenNotch provides users with a first-rate user experience. We invite you to learn more about the GenNotch 4000 and look forward to helping you produce the sampling precision you desire and deserve.