Welcome to the Future of Automatic IRHD Hardness Testers

The Digi Test II IRHD Hardness Tester is now available from NextGen Material Testing. The Automatic Digital Durometer System is well-suited to all plastic and rubber testing needs: it has the ability to test hardness in Shore, IRHD, and VLRH standards, and can measure hardness for any surface, whether flat, convex, concave, or textured.

International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD) tests are generally conducted on different rubber parts, and are especially important for determining the hardness of rubber O-rings, which are a common component of many machines. Very Low Rubber Hardness (VLRH) is a test used for supersoft elastomers, such as silicones, and produces better-differentiated hardness results for those materials as compared to Shore and IRHD methods. Shore Hardness gives a measurement of how resistant a material will be to permanent indentation, and has different scales including Shore 00, Shore A, and Shore D depending on the type of material measured. For instance, Shore A is used for flexible rubber molds, whereas Shore D is used for semi-rigid plastics and hard rubbers.

The Digi II Digital Shore Durometer System consists of four components: an electronic unit, a loading module, a test stand, and a measuring unit, which is interchangeable depending on whether you are measuring using Shore, IRHD, or VLRH methods.

This accurate Shore Durometer System is portable, has a low price, and comes fully certified. Like all of NextGen Material Testing’s products, the Digi II Automatic Durometer is easy to use. Both standard and customized sample holders are available upon request from NextGen Material Testing. The indenter length of the IRHD Digital Hardness Tester can also be customized, so that it can extend to any point on the sample to be measured.

The Digi Test II is ideal for all your rubber and plastic hardness testing needs. Please click here for more information, or request a quote today!