Unveiling the Top 9 Benefits of the Digi-Test – The Superior Digital Shore IRHD Tester

Measuring a material’s hardness or ability to resist indentation is a critical procedure for manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical technologies. In these high-stakes industries, the accuracy of a hardness test is heavily dependent upon the quality of the testing equipment selected. The Digi-Test Durometer Tester was designed with quality and accuracy in mind. Below is a look at the qualities that set the Digi-Test apart from competing testers.

Why is the quality of hardness testing equipment so important?

“Setting up a test program can sometimes be confusing owing to the complexity of the specifications covering the performance of these tests and the wide range of materials for individual end uses. Hardness tests are made even more complicated by the use of multiple hardness scales and multiple test procedures, as well as by the variety of available test equipment and indenters.”

– Steve Ferry, Hauser LaboratoriesThe primary purpose of Shore Hardness Testing Equipment is simple: to measure a material’s ability to resist indentation. However, beyond this simple purpose lies a host of complexities that call for testing equipment that is intuitive, accurate, and simple to operate. High quality, versatile testers are essential for addressing these complexities and producing reliable results.What are the top nine benefits of the Digi-Test Durometer Tester?Selecting cutting-edge hardness testing equipment is essential to achieving desired results and providing quality assurance. Whether you represent a manufacturer, a laboratory, or a government facility, you should invest in high-quality testing equipment such as the NextGen Digi-Test Durometer that is backed by outstanding manufacturer support. Below are the top benefits of the Digi-Test Durometer Tester.

1) Compliance with international industry standards

Adherence to international compliance standards is a must with any hardness testing equipment. Compliance with international standards established by ISO, ASTM, and DIN illustrates a manufacturer’s commitment to quality and safety management. The Digi-Test complies with the following international standards:

*DIN ISO 7619
*DIN ISO 27588
*NF EN ISO 868
*ASTM D 2240
*BS 903 Part. A 26
*ASTM D 1415
*NF T 46-003

2) Automatic surface detection technology

Unlike the majority of hardness testers that can only measure samples with a flat surface, the Digi-Test’s automatic surface detection technology enables it to measure hardness on flat, convex, and concave surfaces. In addition to its intuitive technology, the Digi-test has a customizable indenter length, enabling it to extend to any point on a sample.

3) A comprehensive set of accessories

As a Shore D Durometer Hardness Tester, the Digi-Test is supplied as a complete system. This eliminates the hassle and expense of sourcing required accessories separately. The Digi-Test is supplied with product certificates and the following standard accessories:

*The electronic testing unit with interface
*A pick-up bracket with loading device
*The indenter
*The Shore D measuring device
*Additional loading weights

4) Ability to accurately test Shore A, Micro Shore A, and Shore D

The Digi-Test is well-known for its ability to test a wide range of flexible mold rubbers, making it an excellent option for manufacturers that produce rubber mold products ranging from soft and flexible to hard and inflexible. Additionally, the Digi-Test can test samples with a minimum thickness of 1 mm as well as those that are 4 to 6 millimeters thick. This makes the Digi-Test ideal for customers who need to test light and heavy load capacities.

5) An unparalleled level of manufacturer support

Superb manufacturer support can be the difference between a good customer experience and an exceptional customer experience. Designed by a leading manufacturer of rubber hardness testers, the Digi-Test includes the following:

*Calibration support
*Product testing
*Preventive maintenance
*Product set-up and training
*A comprehensive warranty package

6) Made in America

The Digi-Test offers unparalleled peace of mind for customers seeking a provider with the ultimate commitment to professionalism and quality control. With over five years of experience serving the material testing needs of customers across the globe, the NextGen team is comprised of quality-minded professionals who are skilled in providing the highest level of service.

7) Designed for use in a wide range of industries

Versatility is one of the Digi-Test’s greatest assets. The design experts at NextGen designed the Digi-Test to adapt to the needs of a wide variety of industries. Here is a small sampling of the many industries that employ the Digi-test for hardness testing:

*Medical technologies
*Rubber and plastics processing

8) Affordable and easy to order

NextGen strives to make it as easy as possible for customers to enjoy the benefits of the Digi-Test. We offer competitive pricing and welcome payment by credit card, bank wire transfer, or cash in person. We will also consider purchase orders from customers who meet our credit requirements. We are even happy to provide assistance to customers in the United States and other countries outside Canada who need help shipping and importing the Digi-Test.

9) Fabricated to serve multiple purposes

The Digi-Test’s versatility extends beyond its ability to serve a host of different industries. The Digi-Test’s adaptability enables it to serve multiple purposes for one single facility. It is available with a variety of optional accessories that enable it to be used in multiple capacities, including the following:

*The Digi-test can also function as an IRHD hardness tester
*You can also measure O-rings by adding some optional sample holders like the Centrofix or Barofix
*The Digi-Test can also test Shore scales A, A0, B, 0, C, D, D0, 00, 000, 000 S, E, micro Shore A, micro
*Shore D, C, D0, IRHD/DIDC M, N, H, L, and VLRH

The Bottom Line

The Digi-Test offers sophistication and versatility that will delight users in a host of different industries across the globe. The NextGen team is dedicated to ensuring that customers receive an unsurpassed level of customer service and outstanding tester accuracy. Contact us today to speak with one of our skilled professionals about the many ways that the Digi-Test can benefit your organization. We look forward to hearing from you!