Material Testing

Material testing is such an important process that it has become an industry of its own. At NextGen, all materials whether biomaterials, inorganic or organic in nature need to go through their properties testing before they go into any serious industrial application, process or production. These data produced after the material is tested is then used at NextGen to gauge the suitability of the tested material in various industries such as construction, electronics, aircraft and ship building, medical, textile, mining and machinery construction.

Material testing can be of various types such as hardness tests, Terahertz non-destructive evaluation, Laser flash analysis, ballistic impact testing and high energy X-ray testing just to name a few from a long list. Let’s get in the specifics of a few to understand how important they are. UV testing is all about exposing materials to UV or put them through full spectrum sunlight that would tell you how they react during exposure for years in just a matter of days. Materials after testing finds its ways into automobile, telecommunication and space research fields. Some of the state of the art instrument used in such testing is Ci5000 Xenon Weather-Ometer, CDMC Enclosed Carbon Arc Weather-Ometer and CXWA Sunshine Carbon Arc Weather-Ometer. These tests can alter or have destructive effects on the material being tested. On the other hand Non Destructive analysis will not make any permanent properties change on the material being tested. This test uses technologies such as radiographic, Low coherence interferometry and eddy current testing. The enormous data generated have found applications in medical, engineering, forensic and art. Technology today has changed the whole mode of testing and today every aspect and property of a material can be tested. A material can be tested for the temperature and humidity effects and temperature shock tests, optical property and physical evaluations as well.

Well, all you need is to look around you and you will find that everything around you no matter what it is, is tested for its properties and effects of all environmental components on it as years pass by. That is how important the material testing is to NextGen today.