NG - LeebGen 3000 - Leeb Rebound Portable Hardness Tester

NG - LeebGen 3000 - Leeb Rebound Portable Hardness Tester


ISO 18625, ASTM A956 and JIS B7731


LeebGen3000- Leeb Portable Rebound Tester is a non-destructive precision metal hardness tester developed according to the latest industry standards. LeebGen 3000 is equipped with features which provide the instrument with a combination of a user-friendly interface and exceptional test result accuracy. This in turn allows for ease of operation and an accurate conversion display of virtually any metal hardness testing value.

The Leeb Portable Rebound Tester LeebGen 3000 is designed to replace the traditional stationary metal hardness testers, such as Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell. Its portable design allows to draw the most accurate test data regardless of the direction of the hardness test measurement. This is accomplished with a built-in 360° automatic angle adjustment system. LeebGen 3000 utilizes the latest in advanced micro-electronic technology, and provides you with a fast, convenient and a cost effective quality testing solution.

Main Function and Features of Leeb Rebound Portable Hardness Tester

  • A large, high contrast LCD screen for premium image quality in any condition
  • The unit is equipped with a self-contained Universal D Impact device which eliminates the need for cables. Additionally, the unit is equipped with an impact direction sensor.
  • High testing result with precision within +/-4HL in any impact direction with 360° automatic angle adjustment.
  • Equipped with a USB port for ease of data transfer to a PC. Professional software is included at no extra cost.
  • Internal data storage of dates and times of use
  • Rechargeable battery through the USB port
  • LeebGen 3000 has an integrated display of results for all common hardness scales including: Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, Shore and more.
  • The unit comes standard with a wireless BlueTooth mini printer.
  • LeebGen 3000 is designed for ease of calibration
  • Equipped with an intelligent sleep mode

Impact Devices

Impact Device Image Description Commonly Tested Materials and Methods of Application
D Impact D tester Impact D is the universal unit for most hardness measurements. It is capable of a wide measuring range up to 68 HRC. Steel and cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, cast aluminum alloys, brass, wrought copper alloys and more.
DC Impact DC tester Impact DC is designed for the harder to reach places. The device has similar properties and applications as the D, with testing components up to a maximum of 68 HRC. Holes, cylinders, or measurements inside of an assembled machine and construction.
D+15 Impact D+15 tester Impact D+15 is very similar to Impact D, the D+15 tests components up to a hardness of 68 HRC. Additionally, it has the same range of applications as the D and DC however has a different physical structure. The device is used with an elongated impact body and a coil which has a raised position of 0.6" or 15mm. Holes and groves on a dipped surfaces
DL Impact DL tester Impact DL can test a parts of up to a maximum of 68 HRC. The impact device has the same range of application as the D+15 with an exception of a more narrow front section. Drill holes, gears and tight-to-reach spaces in the base of grooves.
G Impact G tester Impact G is designed with an increased impact energy of roughly 9X to that of the Impact D device. It can test materials of up to 646 HB. The larger diameter of the spherical tip allows for a more accurate measurement on a coarse microstructure. As a result, impact G does not need as much surface finish as the D device for an accurate readings. Designed for rougher and heavier metals including: Cast aluminum, castings and forgings, cast iron, steel and cast steel.
C Impact C tester Impact C is equipped with a reduced impact energy. Relative to the Impact D, the energy impact is roughly 25% lower. The impact tests materials up to a maximum hardness value of 70 HRC. A better surface finish is required for Impact C then for Impact D. Case hardness depth, coatings with a layer thickness of 0.1" or 0.3mm and impact sensitive materials requiring a small measuring indentation. Additionally uses: Cast steel, steel, cold work tool, and various cast aluminum alloys.

* Different Impact Devices -

LeebGen 3000
Operating Environment
-10-+60°C; Humidity: 20%-85%.
Storage Environment
-30-+80°C; Humidity: 5%-95%.
Dimensions (LxWxH)
147x35x22 mm
100 g

Measuring Range and Materials

Steel and cast steel
300-900 39-100 20-68 81-654 81-955 32-100
Cold work tool steel
300-840 - 20-67 - 80-898 -
Stainless steel
300-800 46-101 - 85-655 85-802 -
Grey cast iron
360-650 - - 93-334 - -
Nodular cast iron
400-660 - - 131-387 - -
Cast aluminum alloys
170-570 23-84 - 19-164 - -
200-550 13-95 - 40-173 - -
300-700 - - 60-290 - -
200-690 - - 45-315 - -