NextGen Material Testing and Qness Join Forces

NextGen Material Testing is proud to announce that it has chosen to carry the products of Qness GmbH. A company with vast experience in the hardness testing field, Qness is regarded as a top supplier of quality testers and testing parts.

Qness is known as a top Digital Micro Vickers Tester manufacturer. Their Q10-30-60 is a top of the line macro/micro Vickers Hardness Tester. Some of its qualities include:

* Electronically controlled test forces that ensure quick, precise hardness tesng.

* Rapid, maintenance free test method changeover.

* Automac focus height recognion.

* A six-fold measurement turret that can be equipped with a variety of magnificaon lenses and penetrators.

* Dynamic, electronic height adjustment for addional precision.

It also has a twelve-inch touchscreen with superior software and a high degree of user friendliness. The software's image analysis is fully automatic, and each lens has a standard 4x zoom, but if necessary manual remeasurement can be done. In addition, it offers various statistic functions (bar graphs, progressions, histograms), the capacity to export measurement lists in Excel format, and varied security access levels so that everyone has access to do exactly what they need to do.

None of this would matter, however, if the machine did not also have the highest degree of accuracy—less than one percent deviation. The certification for this results is attached for customer review, a guarantee that anyone purchasing the Q10 is receiving the highest quality product. Finally, this precision and ease of use combines with a long life that ensures you will receive every possible penny of value from your investment.

The team of NextGen Material Testing and Qness is devoted to putting the best hardness testing products on the market into your hands. If you'd like to know more about the Q10, another Vickers Tester, or anything else in the realm of hardness testing, contact us for more details.